The Best Films at the British Shorts Film Festival 2021

Film Festival

4th August, 2021

A panoramic portrait of a nation in turmoil these 10 British Shorts Fest 2021 films show our nation's ability to acerbically diagnose our deepest problems.

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Disney’s ‘Short Circuit’ Season Two Shows off the Animation Studio’s More Experimental Side


3rd August, 2021

From delightful evocations of home to experiments in pure sound and colour, Disney's Short Circuit programme shows off the next generation of studio talent.

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Jaime Dezcallar’s ‘A Body Is’ Skilfully Celebrates the Work of a Forgotten Spanish Genius

Art & Fashion, Music

2nd August, 2021

Striking composition and deconstructed flamenco dancing, Jaime Dezcallar explains how he brought Antonio Jose Martinez Palacios' music to the modern era.

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A Musician Forms a Wordless Connection With His Neighbour in Jimmy Olsson’s Reflective Drama ‘Notes’

Live Action

30th July, 2021

Jimmy Olsson reveals how the music of Beethoven inspired 'Notes', his short film about two neighbours forming an emotional connection through walls.

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Daire Collins’ New Yorker-Produced ‘For Emergency Use Only’ Piercingly Ponders the Price of Paranoia


29th July, 2021

With flickering TV screens, tentative voiceover and talking-head testimony, Daire Collins explores a fear-laden prepubescence with 'For Emergency Use Only'.

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Hayato Ando Foresees a Service Which Returns the Deceased for 49 Days in Near Future Sci-Fi ‘Son of Memory’

Live Action

28th July, 2021

Hayato Ando breaks down how he cinematically represented digitally-recreated loved ones for his philosophical sci-fi drama 'Son of Memory'.

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A Karen Ruins Keenan the First’s Date Night in Joel Jay Blacker’s ‘Dinner and a Movie’ Music Video


27th July, 2021

Director Joel Jay Blacker discloses how he pulled off a vibrant and ambitious rooftop-set music video for Keenan the First's 'Dinner and a Movie'.

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Adrián Suárez Interconnects the Rich Beauty of Nature and the Human Body in Sensorial Short ‘Skins’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

24th July, 2021

Adrián Suárez discusses conveying the interconnectedness of the human body and the Earth we inhabit in beautifully realised experimental short 'Skins'.

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Los Pérez Capture A$AP Rocky’s Return to Life Post-Lockdown in ‘Get Smoooth Again’

Art & Fashion

23rd July, 2021

Los Pérez explain how they achieved the signature bombastic cinematography style of 'Get Smoooth Again' their branded short for Klarna feat. A$AP Rocky.

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Skinner Myers Captures the Harrowing Final Moments of a Falsely Accused Black Man in ‘Frank Embree’

Live Action

22nd July, 2021

Skinner Myers reveals how he captured the legacy of a Black man wrongfully murdered over 100 years ago on 35mm film in biographical drama 'Frank Embree'.

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Matt Cascella Ennobles Man’s Best Friend in Charming Doc Short ‘Talking Dog’

Documentary, Premiere

21st July, 2021

Matt Cascella enlightens DN on his free-form approach to directing in ‘Talking Dog’, a documentary ode to the dogs of Maine by their human companions.

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Feedz Teleports Space Chaser to an Intergalactic Cantina Gig in Bonkers Sci-FI Opera ‘Remnants of Technology’


20th July, 2021

Feedz tells DN how he developed the operatic set design and monstrous makeup for his ambitious sci-fi music video 'Remnants of Technology'.

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