A Transgender Woman’s Identity is Veiled & Her Freedom Consumed in Rati Tsiteladze’s ‘Prisoner of Society’


16th January, 2019

Rati Tsiteladze exposes the discrimination faced by Georgia's LGBTQ+ citizens & its devastating effects on a family in documentary 'Prisoner of Society'.

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Álvaro Gago Depicts the Humdrum Treadmill of Life & Work in Insightful Short ‘Matria’

Live Action

17th December, 2018

Álvaro Gago explores what keeps us going in the face of a monotonous existence with his sobering tale of one woman's thankless life in 'Matria'.

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LGBTQ+ Learning Disabled Artist Matthew Kennedy Shares His Exploration of Identity Through Film

Animation, Documentary

21st November, 2018

Director Matthew Kennedy discusses being a spokesperson for the LGBTQ+ learning disabled community and how he explores his identity through film.

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A Woman Calls Her Ex-Boyfriend to Account for His Actions in Louisa Fielden’s Unflinching ‘People You May Know’

Live Action, Premiere

9th October, 2018

Louisa Fielden joins DN to discuss unflinching drama 'People You May Know' – a film which sees a woman hold her ex accountable for his past actions.

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Ten Picks From the 24th Encounters Short Film Festival

Film Festival

1st October, 2018

Team DN hones down the cornucopia of entertaining shorts we caught at this year's Encounters Short Film Festival to a succinct selection of 10 favourites.

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Jean Claude Billmaier Releases Rushes of Tension Through Surreal Composition of Movement in ‘Nulla’

Art & Fashion, Live Action

8th August, 2018

Jean Claude Billmaier takes us on a journey through our daily dealings with anger, anxiety and stress in his illusory experimental dance film, 'Nulla'.

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Kenneth Karlstad Takes Us on a Journey Into Teenage Sensation Seeking in Suburban Gothic Short ‘The Hunger’

Live Action

26th July, 2018

Kenneth Karlstad discusses the creation of his gripping tale of a teenager searching for acceptance under society's pressure of the masculine ideal.

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How John Morena Used Physical Techniques to Create the Glitchy Title Sequence of Netflix’s ‘Evil Genius’


19th July, 2018

John Morena reveals the unique methods he used to create an authentic title sequence for Netflix true crime documentary series 'Evil Genius'.

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Richard Raymond Makes Cinema History Exploring the Sacrifices We Make for Love in ‘Souls of Totality’

Live Action

16th July, 2018

Richard Raymond talks to DN about the logistics of capturing a live solar eclipse whilst shooting his cinema history-making short 'Souls of Totality'.

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Shelby Hadden Recounts Her Isolating Experience of Rejection & Disbelief in Vaginismus Short ‘Tightly Wound’

Animation, Documentary

25th June, 2018

Filmmaker Shelby Hadden’s powerful animation ‘Tightly Wound’ tells her personal story of living with the isolating condition of vaginismus.

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Jean-Paul Frenay Manifests Monstrous Human Suffering in Stunning SFX Promo ‘The Fool You Need’


18th May, 2018

Complex human emotions erupt onscreen as Jean-Paul Frenay executes seamless SFX in his stunning Son Lux music video, 'The Fool You Need'.

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The Boyfriend Game

Asides, Live Action

10th May, 2018

Alice Englert takes us into the power and vividity of children's imaginations in her dark, unsettling debut film, 'The Boyfriend Game'.

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