A Woman Grieves the Death of a Loved One in Amanda Lago’s Beautifully Crafted ‘Mrs. Poucheau’

Live Action, Premiere

8th March, 2018

Amanda Lago follows a woman’s journey through the acceptance of change after the death of a loved one in the online premiere of 'Mrs. Poucheau'.

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Too Mad: Mind Invaders

Animation, Asides, Music

28th February, 2018

Residents of Cat City tremble in fear as an unknown force comes to invade their minds in Tricktrabanten’s music video for Too Mad track 'Mind Invaders'.

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Asides, Documentary

20th February, 2018

American figure skater Ashley Wagner reflects on the pain of her hard worked for lifelong dream torn away in Liza Mandelup’s insightful short, 'Showpony'.

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Alien Hand

Animation, Asides

16th February, 2018

Brain surgery to treat Epilepsy leaves a woman with an ‘Alien Hand’ in Giant Ant's frighteningly fascinating animation for NPR’s Invisibilia podcast.

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John Morena Explores the Vast Disconnect Between the Mind & Soul in Enchanting Music Video ‘The Drought’

Animation, Music

17th January, 2018

John Morena elevates us into the stratosphere and blasts through outer space in his bewitching music video for Ryan Chernin's 'The Drought'.

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Oliver Schwarz Follows an Intimate Relationship Between a Man and His Beloved Silicon Doll in ‘Dream Girl’


12th January, 2018

Oliver Schwarz provides a unique and insightful exploration of loneliness and how one man fills the void of love with his life-sized silicon doll.

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Crooked Cynics Harness the Art of Cringeworthy Storytelling in ‘Where Have All The Good Guys Gone?’

Live Action

2nd January, 2018

Directing duo Crooked Cynics dissect the dexterity of uncomfortable comedy narratives in 'Where Have All The Good Guys Gone?'.

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Amber Williams Ten Top Feature Films of 2017


29th December, 2017

From transporting audiences to unveiling new methods of filmmaking, Amber shares her outstanding examples of original & enthralling storytelling in 2017.

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Jakob Rørvik Explores The Tentative Nature of a Fraying Relationship in ‘Nothing Ever Really Ends’

Live Action

19th December, 2017

DN talks to Jakob Rørvik about his raw bittersweet short film of a disconnected couple as they run through the cycles of their on/off relationship each

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Explore Iñupiat Culture First Hand in Zoé Lamazou & Victor Gurrey’s Interactive Doc ‘A Whaling Season in Alaska’


13th December, 2017

In their interactive doc Zoé Lamazou & Victor Gurrey explore Iñupiat culture & how offshore drilling affects the traditional practice of whale hunting.

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Andy Nyman & Jeremy Dyson Transmute Their Hit Spectral Scare From Stage to Screen in ‘Ghost Stories’

Film Festival, Live Action

31st October, 2017

Andy Nyman explains how he & Jeremy Dyson traversed the tricky road of adapting their hit London stage play 'Ghost Stories' into a frightening feature.

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A Young Gay Man Flees His Painful Past in Anne Fontaine’s Coming Out, Coming of Age Feature ‘Reinventing Marvin’

Film Festival, Live Action

25th October, 2017

Anne Fontaine discusses her latest feature and tells DN why women's cinema defined by filmmaker gender is a undesirable road towards segregation.

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