Henry K. Norvalls Foresees an Indifferent World of Automation in Suburban Dystopia Short ‘Life Goes On’

Live Action, Premiere

26th April, 2021

Henry K. Norvalls takes us through the gadget's eye view of automated perfection he adopted for his worrisome very near future short 'Life Goes On'.

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Gabriel & Sergio Twardowski Recreate the Thrill of Live Music in Stop-Motion Concert Short ‘Alok Memories’

Animation, Documentary

2nd October, 2020

Gabriel & Sergio Twardowski tell DN how they mined 30 TB of material to recreate the thrill of live music in stop-motion concert short 'Alok Memories'.

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Edy Recendez Traces the Origins of Dance Back to Its African Roots in Celebratory Short ‘Movement for Change’


18th August, 2020

Celebrating that much of today's dance originated in Africa, Edy Recendez's 'Movement of Change' offers up the hope of greater cultural understanding.

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Laura Scrivano Reframes a Noel Coward Classic Into Electrifying Celebration of Female Sexuality ‘Alice’

Art & Fashion

10th August, 2020

Laura Scrivano takes DN through the journey of transforming an irreverent Noel Coward poem into a powerful celebration of female sexuality in 'Alice'.

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Forthright Poem ‘Wake Up’ Reminds Us That Black Lives Matter Is a Movement, Not a Moment

Art & Fashion

7th August, 2020

Featuring blistering spoken word poetry, 'Wake Up' questions the long term resilience of Black Lives Matter allies in the ongoing fight for equality.

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A Pair of Autonomous Cars Ride and Romance Through a Crumbling World in Sam Mason’s CGI Promo ‘For Sure’

Animation, Music

31st July, 2020

Sam Mason walks us through the solo creation process behind CGI music video 'For Sure', the story of autonomous cars in love following a climate collapse.

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Chiara Feriani Brings Popovy Sisters’ Beguiling Haute Couture Art Dolls to Uncanny Life in CGI Short ‘Human?’

Animation, Art & Fashion

22nd July, 2020

Chiara Feriani takes DN through the 4 month long challenge of breathing digital life into the Popovy Sisters' beguiling art dolls in CGI short 'Human?'

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Bailey Tom Bailey Turns Convid-19 Concerns Into Perfectly Pitched Dark Comedy in ‘Dead Dad’

Live Action

7th July, 2020

Bailey Tom Bailey tells us how he kept it in the family for 'Dead Dad' his lockdown shot horror/comedy about a family struggling to let go of a loved one.

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WeAreDN // Lockdown: I Can’t Breathe

Documentary, Film Festival, Live Action

7th June, 2020

DN has curated a list of shorts we hope will ignite you to come together to help find a safe and consistent path out of systemic racism #BLACKLIVESMATTER

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Eli Powers Contemplates the Power of Miracles in Unexpected Places in Metaphysical Short ‘Holy Moses’

Live Action

26th May, 2020

Eli Powers joins us with 'Holy Moses', his absurdist tale about miracles and what happens when ordinary people come face to face with the extraordinary.

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Useless Superpowers & Toxic Friendship: Wade Into the Weird World of Christopher Good’s ‘Crude Oil’

Live Action

14th May, 2020

Christopher Good joins us with 'Crude Oil' a comedy not bound by stylistic or narrative conventions which explores toxic friendship & useless superpowers.

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A Celebrity Anti-Drugs PSA Degenerates Into Hallucinatory Chaos in Yousef’s ‘Braindead’


12th May, 2020

If anti-drugs PSAs provided practical demonstrations they might look something like Yousef's freaky (and entertaining as hell) 'Braindead' promo.

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