Artur Zaremba Calls Into Question Society’s Outmoded Concept of Masculinity in Dance Documentary ‘SPECTRUM’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

13th July, 2018

Using a mix of techniques Artur Zaremba questions society’s outmoded assumptions of what constitutes masculinity in documentary dance short 'SPECTRUM'.

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A Teen Boy Tries to Stand Strong in the Wake of Losing a Parent in Robert Nyerges’ ‘Pops’

Live Action, Music

12th July, 2018

Robert Nyerges shares how the process of creating emotional music video 'Pops' for hip-hop duo THEY. became a cathartic experience for all involved.

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Humankind’s Present & Potential Future Collide With the Past in Scott Geersen’s CGI Titles for TEDxSydney

Animation, Art & Fashion

10th July, 2018

Scott Geersen tells DN how he met the weighty challenge of summing up the good & the bad of our species in his 'Humankind' title sequence for TEDxSydney.

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A Grieving Woman Seeks Refuge in a Distorted Reality of Her Own Making in Natasza Cetner’s ‘Baraa’


9th July, 2018

Natasza Cetner takes DN inside the creation of 'Baraa', her moving contemplation on the impact of grief and its powerful ability to distort our perceptions.

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A Dancer Pushes Through the Pain in Pursuit of Perfection in Mick Soiza’s ‘The Best is Yet to Come’

Live Action

6th July, 2018

Mick Soiza discusses capturing the resilience which lies behind the never-ending pursuit of greatness in dance short 'The Best is Yet to Come'.

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Andrew De Zen Launches the First in a Series of Narrative Music Videos for Alaskan Tapes with ‘Waiting’


5th July, 2018

Andrew De Zen talks to DN about providing a glimpse into unknown lives in 'Waiting', the first of a series of enigmatic music videos for Alaskan Tapes.

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Kati Egely Considers Humanity’s Separation from the Natural World in Watercolor Music Video ‘Alegría’

Animation, Music

4th July, 2018

Animator Kati Egely tells DN how her music video reflection on humanity’s separation from the natural world evolved into a painted passion project.

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Brent Foster Documents How the Empowered Women of Korogocho Fought Back Against Sexual Predators in ‘ENOUGH’


22nd June, 2018

Brent Foster shares how he captured the inspiring story of the women of Korogocho who came together to empower themselves against sexual predators.

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Brandon Lavoie Takes an Intimate Look at the Lives Destroyed by America’s Opioid Epidemic in ‘Hometown’

Animation, Documentary

21st June, 2018

Brandon Lavoie discusses how he created a documentary about addiction that brings a relatable face to the issue of America’s opioid epidemic.

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Iqbal Ahmed Pays Homage to the Therapeutic Power of Music in Inspiring Documentary Short ‘Offbeat’

Documentary, Music, Premiere

18th June, 2018

LA-based Writer/Director Iqbal Ahmed takes DN behind the scenes of his inspiring documentary portrait about the therapeutic power of music, ‘Offbeat’.

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Annabelle Attanasio Calls out Motormouth Men in Verbal Diarrhoea Short ‘Frankie Keeps Talking’

Live Action

14th June, 2018

Annabelle Attanasio explains how extensive pre-planning and choreographed action were invaluable preparation for absurdist short, 'Frankie Keeps Talking'.

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Marc Guardiola Captures the Playful Process of Writer Mr Perfumme for Creative Doc Series ‘Once Upon an Artist’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

8th June, 2018

Mr Perfumme divulges the methods of his writing in Chapter 2 of Marc Guardiola’s poetic doc series exploring the art of creation, 'Once Upon an Artist'.

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