Ania Bajorek Freezes the Follies of Youth in Time for Drone Shot Motion Photograph Music Video ‘Ogień’


25th February, 2020

Ania Bajorek explains why drones were an essential production tool for the series of motion photographs created for teen tableaux music video 'Ogień'.

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The Passion of Desire Spans Decades in Lucio Castro’s Queer Romance Feature ‘End of the Century’

Live Action

21st February, 2020

Lucio Castro talks to us about reuniting two men for a one night stand whose seeds were sown 20 years earlier in his debut feature 'End of the Century'.

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Jehnny Beth: Flower

Asides, Music

14th February, 2020

Jehnny Beth and Rebeka Adams set temperatures rising in Anthony Byrne’s seductive music video for the French artist’s new track 'Flower'.

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Mirza Ramic Embarks on Journey of Remembrance and Healing Through Music in Post-War Documentary ‘To Tell A Ghost’

Documentary, Premiere

11th February, 2020

Directors Chris Piotrowicz, Stefan Ehrhardt and musician Mirza Ramic join us to discuss their collaboration on personal post-war doc 'To Tell A Ghost'.

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Gregory Porter: Revival

Asides, Music

10th February, 2020

Douglas Bernardt deploys scale and optical illusions in a choreographed journey of inner strength and confidence for his exhilarating 'Revival' promo.

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Welcome to WeAreDN // Offline

Film Festival, News

7th February, 2020

Kicking off next week, DN ventures out into the real world for the inaugural edition our new ongoing screening series WeAreDN // Offline.

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Neumodel: Hayah (Feat. Kiddysmile)

Asides, Music

30th January, 2020

Things get decidedly dark and twisted in Axel Morin’s disturbing black and white music video for Neumodel’s anti-establishment anthem 'Hayah'.

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Sans Gravité

Animation, Asides

29th January, 2020

An astronaut struggles to find his purpose here on terra firma in charming Supinfocom Rubika grad short 'Sans Gravité'.

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Igorrr: Very Noise

Asides, Music

24th January, 2020

We take absolutely no responsibility for the bizarre nightmares you’ll have after watching Meat Dept.’s freakily fleshy 'Very Noise' music video.

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Richard Dawson: Dead Dog in an Alleyway

Animation, Asides, Music

10th January, 2020

Ewan Jones Morris presents a circuitous tour of an uncaring city in his animated visual accompaniment to Richard Dawson track 'Dead Dog in an Alleyway'.

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The Priest

Asides, Live Action

8th January, 2020

A pair of siblings receive some disturbing food for thought which puts their brother’s suicide into perspective in Jim Owen’s comedy 'The Priest'.

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Asides, Music

6th January, 2020

A young girl dreams her hard-working single mother as a larger than life magical creature in Giovanni Bolzani Valenzano’s homage to motherhood 'Luna'.

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