Dee Meaden Discards Filmmaking Safety Nets in Search of Authenticity in Isolated Sister-Brother Short ‘Sibling’

Live Action, Premiere

29th August, 2019

DN sits down with Dee Meaden to discover how working without production safety nets made room for creative risks and authentic performances in 'Sibling'.

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Directors Notes Reading & Leeds 2019 Cinema Tent Shorts

Animation, Film Festival, Live Action, Music

23rd August, 2019

August bank holiday weekend is the time when DN gathers our favourite short films and music videos from the past year for our Reading & Leeds screenings.

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Four Strangers Indulge in the Transient Purgatory of a Highway Motel in Daniel Swinton’s ‘Bullet Time’


21st August, 2019

Daniel Swinton opens the door on the private purgatory of four strangers taking up temporary residence at a highway motel in 'Bullet Time'.

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Sweet William

Asides, Live Action

21st August, 2019

Kate Martin stars as a young woman caught in the grip of a downward spiral of emotion in Brooks Reynold’s gripping 16mm micro-short 'Sweet William'.

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How Kristian Mercado Figueroa Took a Wild Audiovisual Journey into the Creation Process of Billie Eilish

Live Action

6th August, 2019

Kristian Mercado Figueroa reveals how he melded an organic approach with a push it till it breaks mentality to dig into Billie Eilish's creative process.

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A Solo Park Run Escalates into a Battle of One-Upmanship in Mariia Ponomarova’s ‘Ardea’

Live Action, Premiere

5th August, 2019

Mariia Ponomarova joins DN for the premiere 'Ardea' - the story of a gentle park run which quickly escalates into a competitive battle of one-upmanship.

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Solmund MacPherson Discovers the Intimacy of Consensual Violence in ‘A Short Documentary About People Fighting’


1st August, 2019

Solmund MacPherson reveals how curiosity about getting hit in the face led to his intimate brawling film 'A Short Documentary About People Fighting'.

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Serafima Serafimova Exposes Female Body Hang-Ups to the Cleansing Spotlight of Collective Recognition in ‘Flawed’

Animation, Premiere

31st July, 2019

Serafima Serafimova reveals how hang-ups inspired the creation of 'Flawed' - a film which exposes the personal insecurities women have about their bodies.

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Loyle Carner: Loose Ends (Feat. Jorja Smith)

Asides, Music

29th July, 2019

Douglas Ratzlaff Bernardt pairs beautifully haunting visuals with Loyle Carner’s deeply reflective lyrics (ft. Jorja Smith) in music video 'Loose Ends'.

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Animation, Asides

26th July, 2019

An accidental phone call sends a woman into a warm reverie about a past summer of love in Léa Bancelin’s beautifully animated EMCA grad short 'Contact'.

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Letter To God

Asides, Live Action

25th July, 2019

Still asking the questions we all want the answers to, Daniel Koren petitions the almighty for a nipple volume knob in comedy rumination 'Letter To God'.

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Long Long Summer

Art & Fashion, Asides

24th July, 2019

Director Clément Oberto laments the intractable boredom of the mid-year months in ennui infused fashion film 'Long Long Summer' for Paulette Magazine.

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