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Colin Read Flips the Misogynistic Dynamic of Objectification on Its Head in Alice Phoebe Lou’s ‘Skin Crawl’


22nd January, 2019

Colin Read shares how he turned the tables on the misogynistic dynamic of objectification in his playful music video for Alice Phoebe Lou’s 'Skin Crawl'.

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Ainhoa Rodríguez Captures the Sensuality of an Elderly Woman’s Erotic Fantasy in ‘Fade’

Music, Premiere

21st January, 2019

Ainhoa Rodríguez talks to DN about challenging the taboos around the depiction of sexual desire in elderly women in her sensual music video for Chloé Bird

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Amyra Leon & Renee Mao Collaborate on Original Film and Poem ‘The Sound of Drowning’

Art & Fashion, Music

18th January, 2019

Renee Mao tells DN how she crafted an abstract yet emotionally authentic reflection of Amyra Leon's artistic voice in 'The Sound of Drowning'.

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An Interview with Vimeo’s Best Staff Pick Directors of 2018

Animation, Art & Fashion, Documentary, Live Action, Music

17th January, 2019

DN talks to Vimeo's Best Staff Pick Directors of 2018 about the origins, artistic inspirations and creative approaches behind their award-winning work.

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Leo Pfeifer Explores What Happens When a Career Drummer Can No Longer Keep the Beat in Doc ‘Lost Time’

Documentary, Music, Premiere

15th January, 2019

Leo Pfeifer talks to DN about 'Lost Time', his intimate reflective documentary about what happens when a career drummer can no longer keep the beat.

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Heather Colbert Looks to “Enhance the Feeling of Magic” by Combining Animation Techniques in ‘How Have You Been?’

Animation, Music

14th January, 2019

Rising star of stop-motion Heather Colbert returns to Directors Notes to discuss her animated music video for Tom Rosenthal track 'How Have You Been?'

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Paul Jacks: Lightning Lobotomy

Animation, Asides, Music

11th January, 2019

Eric Power deploys his signature papercraft animation style in the story of a man trying to make his way back home to normality in 'Lightning Lobotomy'.

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Juanjo Rueda Bids a Fond Farewell to Hazte Lapón in Nostalgic Grand Gesture Music Video ‘You Always Win’


10th January, 2019

Juanjo Rueda discusses melding reality and fiction for a nostalgic expression of grand romantic gestures in his music video swansong for Hazte Lapón.

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Jackson Tisi Charts the Long Road of Perseverance to ‘Championships’ in His Meek Mill Spotify Doc

Documentary, Music

8th January, 2019

Jackson Tisi reveals how he expanded the scope of his Spotify commissioned doc in order to reveal the long hard road Meek Mill traversed to Championships.

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Tęskno: Mapa

Asides, Music

4th January, 2019

Polish twosome Tęskno make a playful getaway to an abandoned house and the mysteries which lie within in Jarek Tokarski’s dreamy music video 'Mapa'.

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Leningrad: GOLD

Asides, Music

3rd January, 2019

A dangerous predator with a hunger for the finer things in life recounts her violent exploits in Lado Kvataniya's flamboyant Leningrad music video 'GOLD'.

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Directors Notes Top 20 Filmmaker Conversations of 2018

Animation, Art & Fashion, Article, Documentary, Live Action, Music

24th December, 2018

Team DN put our collective heads together to curate a list of the 20 favourite filmmaker conversations we had in 2018.

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