Raw Environments Expose True Human Nature in Kevin McGloughlin & Jacob Jonas’ ‘Weakness of the Flesh’

Art & Fashion

7th July, 2021

Co-Directors Kevin McGloughlin & Jacob Jonas talk to DN about the organic and collaborative process behind surreal dance short 'Weakness of the Flesh'.

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Kai Stänicke Examines Our Destructive Relationship With Time in Reflective Animated Short ‘Pace’


6th July, 2021

Kai Stänicke details how he drew inspiration from the animation styles of 80s & 90s German abstract films for his admonitory time crunch short ‘Pace’.

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A Hapless Young Man Seeking a Connection Bares All in Sam Baron’s Provocative Tragicomedy ‘The Orgy’

Live Action

5th July, 2021

Sam Baron speaks to DN about a hastily drawn up improv phrase that bloomed into endearing short ‘The Orgy’ a title which misleads the film's true tone.

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Stefano Ottaviano Celebrates the Motivating Spark That Leads to Great Change in ‘One By One’


2nd July, 2021

Stefano Ottaviano walks DN through the euphoric feeling of self-actualisation that underpins his music video for Diplo's anthemic 'One By One'.

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Argyro Nicolaou & Margaux Fitoussi’s ‘I, Tony’ Is a Meta-Documentary About the Desire to Be Remembered

Documentary, Premiere

1st July, 2021

Argyro Nicolaou and Margaux Fitoussi discuss harnessing the unpredictable energy of photographer Tony Moussoulides in their experimental biopic 'I, Tony'.

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Lian Meng Rose Dramatises a Drastic Shift in British History for NFTS-produced Mining Tale ‘Stratum Deep’

Live Action

30th June, 2021

Lian Meng Rose's reveals how he combined 16mm film grain and immersive sound design to bring the mines to life in historical fiction drama 'Stratum Deep'.

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Owen Schwartzbard’s ‘Hello Ma’am’ Mixes Media to Subvert the Traditional Symbolism of the American Dream

Live Action, Premiere

29th June, 2021

Owen Schwartzbard explains his love of camcorder footage and why he blended it with a more polished look for his dark grifter tale 'Hello Ma'am'.

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David Zinck Thrillingly Explores the Contradictory Nature of Sibling Relationships in ‘Sisterly Love’

Live Action

28th June, 2021

David Zinck discusses the gripping hand-held cinematography, powerful natural performances and fresh take on youth gangs of sibling drama 'Sisterly Love'.

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10 of the Best From the Berlin Music Video Awards

Film Festival, Music

25th June, 2021

The Berlin Music Video Awards is Europe's biggest festival for music promos. We have the lowdown on the ten most dazzling videos from the 2021 lineup.

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Hannah Brewerton’s Animated Satire ‘Hit and Run’ Pokes Fun at Tactics of Distraction in British Politics

Animation, Premiere

24th June, 2021

Hannah Brewerton explains how she channelled her frustrations with the 2019 UK general election into art for her RCA graduate animation 'Hit and Run'.

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Paavo Hanninen Channels Quarantine Paranoia for His Strange Romantic Comedy Short ‘I Think I’m Dying’

Live Action

23rd June, 2021

Paavo Hanninen walks DN through the process of mapping a 3D model of his own house to cinematically storyboard his comedy short 'I Think I'm Dying'.

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Sean Wang Turns Awkward Phone Calls into Poetry in Nostalgic Yearbook Doc ‘H.A.G.S (Have a Good Summer)’

Animation, Documentary

22nd June, 2021

Sean Wang breaks down how he brought his eighth grade yearbook to life in 'H.A.G.S. (Have a Good Summer)', an exploration of childhood through adult eyes.

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