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Jono Seneff Taps Into the Emotional Power of the Tesla Model 3 in Heartwarming Spec Commercial ‘Feel It’

Live Action

5th September, 2018

Jono Seneff tells DN how a dream and the experience of hearing loss inspired him to create emotionally resonating spec ad 'Feel It' for the Tesla Model 3.

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Mary Komasa & The Dumplings: Jestem Kobieta (I’m a Woman)

Asides, Live Action, Music

29th August, 2018

Piotrek Matejkowski's 'Jestem Kobieta' for Mary Komasa & The Dumplings’ track for Puma’s #DoYou campaign is a manifesto of living life on your own

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Gaul Porat & Skyler Fulton Look Beneath the Surface of Superficial Assumptions in ‘More Than the Sum’


21st August, 2018

Co-directors Gaul Porat & Skyler Fulton tell DN how they delved beneath superficial assumptions to reveal 'More Than The Sum' in their Adidas spec ad.

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Crowns & Owls Join the Fight for Better Mental Health With Viscerally Powerful Short ‘WIT H IN’

Live Action

30th July, 2018

Crowns & Owls discuss the challenges of conveying the confusing myriad of sensations experienced by sufferers of mental health issues in short 'WIT H IN'.

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TEDxPittsburgh 2018: Small Worlds

Animation, Asides, Live Action

29th June, 2018

Comprised of over 5,000 photos Nicholas Buchheit’s inspirational film for TEDxPittsburgh celebrates the small worlds of potential inherent in all of us.

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Selfridges and Sustainability

Animation, Asides

14th June, 2018

Dirs. Anna Ginsburg & Hannah Jacobs celebrate the range of sustainability initiatives Selfridges employs in this charming hand drawn, 2D animated short.

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The Fall – Love Never Let Us Down

Animation, Asides

8th May, 2018

Zombie Studio’s animated short 'The Fall' for Hospital de Amor beautifully highlights the power of love as an effective weapon in the fight against cancer

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Art & Fashion, Asides, Film Festival

9th April, 2018

Seb Caudron sets the tone of innovation and creativity for the 2018 edition of Brazil's Path Festival in stunning and explosive VFX style.

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Parker Hill Taps Into the Intangible Quality of Nostalgia in Fashion Dance Short ‘Love, Otisville’

Art & Fashion

14th March, 2018

A group of friends explore their their old stomping grounds with laughs and bittersweet nostalgia in Parker Hill's fashion dance short 'Love, Otisville'.

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Felipe Vellas Highlights the Crucial Work of Médecins du Monde in Hard Hitting #ShutUpDeath Campaign Promo

Live Action

9th March, 2018

Brazilian director Felipe Vellas pulls no punches in his hard hitting, visceral short film for Médecins du Monde’s #shutupdeath campaign.

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Gabrielle: An animated film for CHANEL

Animation, Asides

7th March, 2018

Cara Delevingne stars as a skateboarding, bag loving, Parisian in Shishi Yamazaki's gorgeous animated film for CHANEL’s Gabrielle bag campaign.

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Toyota – Start Your Impossible: Dergin Tokmak

Asides, Documentary

5th March, 2018

Adi Halfin tells the story of world renowned breakdancer Dergin Tokmak, a paralyzed acrobat who has developed a unique style of dancing on crutches.

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