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Meredith Hama-Brown Journeys from This Life to the Hereafter in Entrancing Alaskan Tapes Film ‘And, We Disappear’


13th November, 2019

Meredith Hama-Brown reveals the pivotal role light played in conveying the shifting tones of her surreal journey to the afterlife in 'And, We Disappear'.

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A Man Ventures Into a Foreign Land to Reclaim His Lost Love in Andrew De Zen’s ‘Places’ for Alaskan...

Music, Premiere

8th October, 2018

Andrew De Zen discusses the logistical joys of taking a crane into the jungle for 'Places', the third & final part of his Alaskan Tapes trilogy of films.

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Andrew De Zen Succumbs to the Siren Call of the Sea in ‘Skin’ for Alaskan Tapes’

Asides, Music

19th July, 2018

An unfathomable event on a deserted beach is observed by a lone witness in 'Skin' - the 2nd part in Andrew De Zen's trilogy of Alaskan Tapes music videos.

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Andrew De Zen Launches the First in a Series of Narrative Music Videos for Alaskan Tapes with ‘Waiting’


5th July, 2018

Andrew De Zen talks to DN about providing a glimpse into unknown lives in 'Waiting', the first of a series of enigmatic music videos for Alaskan Tapes.

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