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A Woman Fights Against the Subjugation of a Strange Religious Cult in Thomas Vernay’s ‘Fantome X’


5th February, 2019

DN talks to Thomas Vernay about creating a folk horror wrapped sci-fi music video addressing female subjugation for Scratch Massive’s 'Fantome X'.

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We Need to Talk About Cosmos

Animation, Asides

28th January, 2019

An astronaut recounts the daily difficulties of life in space compared to here on earth in Raphaël Bluzet’s animation 'We Need to Talk About Cosmos'.

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Underwater Dancer Julie Gautier Goes in Search of What’s Hidden in Shern Sharma’s Lyrical Documentary ‘Xibalba’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

6th December, 2018

Shern Sharma joins us to discuss besting the challenges of underwater filming and Mexico's weather for his lyrical Julie Gautier documentary 'Xibalba'.

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Animation, Asides

28th November, 2018

Le DMA Cinéma d’Animation student Louis Fourel goes in search of the spark of creativity in his beguiling end of year film NON !

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DN364: Philippe Faucon Contemplates the Loneliness of Economic Migration in French Drama ‘Amin’

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

23rd November, 2018

Philippe Faucon discusses the integral role non-actors played in bringing authenticity to his story of economic separation and loneliness, 'Amin'.

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A Teenager Undergoes a Transformation of the Self in Thomas Vernay’s Metamorphosis Music Video ‘Flesh’


20th November, 2018

Thomas Vernay shares how his interest in gender transformation and the breaking down of societal prejudices led to self-metamorphosis music video 'Flesh'.

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A Gong (Grandpa)

Animation, Asides

1st November, 2018

A 7 year old boy tries to accept the death of his grandfather whilst attending his Taiwanese funeral in this delicate Gobelins student animation.

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Life in Vertical

Animation, Asides

17th October, 2018

Motion design studio Parallel reformat the world to match the ever present vertical frame in playful Instagram Creators animation 'Life in Vertical'.

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Locked in

Asides, Live Action

11th October, 2018

Gioacchino Petronicce’s 'Locked in' sees a man barred from enjoying the tantalising snacks of a nearby vending machine by absent minded circumstance.

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Claire Laffut: Mojo

Art & Fashion, Asides, Music

24th September, 2018

Claire Laffut teams up with directing twosome The Bardos for a stylish frolick with living paintings and a mysterious glittery lover in 'Mojo'.

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Electro Deluxe: Keep My Baby Dancing

Asides, Music

11th September, 2018

An attempt to hit the books is derailed by the invasion of hedonistic party rabbits in Valere Amirault’s stylised 3D music video 'Keep My Baby Dancing'.

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Rone: Mirapolis

Animation, Asides, Music

5th September, 2018

Aurélie Castex’s 'Mirapolis' music video sees a miniaturised man race through the city on his way to a private party thrown atop the shoulders of a

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