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Spring Breakers

Live Action

19th April, 2013

If you listen to MarBelle’s Trash Humpers conversation with Harmony Korine he sounds like a pretty ‘normal’ guy. His films however would

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Art & Fashion

2nd October, 2011

Following on from his bizarre Proenza Schouler fashion short Act da Fool, Harmony Korine brings us another fascinating slice of experimentation with his

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SXSW2011: Umshini Wam/Paranmanjang

Film Festival, Live Action

16th March, 2011

I realise you’re still waiting to hear about just what I’ve been seeing and who I’ve been talking to at SXSW this year – excuse

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Act Da Fool

Art & Fashion

3rd September, 2010

You should know that if you ask Harmony Korine to shoot a film for you, you’re likely to get what he wants to give as opposed to something you

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DN LFF09: Trash Humpers – Harmony Korine

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

25th October, 2009

As a fan of many years and with a couple near misses in the past, today’s LFF interview is probably the highlight of the festival for me. It was my

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