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ShortsTV’s Head of Production Stéphanie Charmail Shares Her Essential Short Film Distribution Insights

ShortsTV's BAFTA nominated Stéphanie Charmail shares her invaluable insights about production, the film festival circuit & short film distribution strategies.

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Art & Fashion

Björn Swoboda & Eike Frederik Schulz Capture the Sultry Seductiveness of a Scent in ‘The Interview’

Björn Swoboda and Eike Frederik Schulz explain how they created a porous boundary between fantasy and reality for their alluring Retterspitz branded short.

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Film Festival

How the Shark Awards Is Evolving Into One of the UK’s Most Exciting Short Film Festivals

Chairman Peter Brady introduces us to The Shark Awards' latest venture Shark Awards Short Film, a brand new stand alone festival and awards event.

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Documentary, Film Festival

Benjamin Ree Reinvents the Documentary Form with the Boundary Breaking ‘The Painter and the Thief’

Best Documentary winner at the London Film Festival Benjamin Ree talks 'The Painter and the Thief' his strange empathetic take on the artist/muse genre.

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