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It’s a War of Parenting Opinions in Marley Morrison’s Comedy Short ‘Baby Gravy’

Live Action

9th August, 2018

Director Marley Morrison tells DN how her journey of becoming a parent in a same-sex relationship influenced her comedy short 'Baby Gravy'.

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Artur Zaremba Calls Into Question Society’s Outmoded Concept of Masculinity in Dance Documentary ‘SPECTRUM’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

13th July, 2018

Using a mix of techniques Artur Zaremba questions society’s outmoded assumptions of what constitutes masculinity in documentary dance short 'SPECTRUM'.

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The Ties of Family Are Tested in Mikael Bundsen’s Queer Short ‘Mother Knows Best’

Live Action

21st May, 2018

DN speaks with Mikael Bundsen about 'Mother Knows Best', his queer short about a son revealing an uncomfortable truth his mother wasn't ready for.

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Asides, Live Action

3rd April, 2018

A young man finds himself ignoring blinkered sentiment as he embraces the powerful draw of the supposed 'Wrongside'.

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Ben Ockrent Weaves a Fairytale for an Adult Audience in ‘Edmund the Magnificent’

Film Festival, Live Action

30th March, 2018

Ben Ockrent tells DN how he created and structured Sir Ian McKellen's narration around the edit for his adult fairytale short 'Edmund The Magnificent'.

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A Forgotten Love Spans Generations in Marta Gonzalez’s Spanish Romance Short ‘Mai’

Film Festival, Live Action

29th March, 2018

Marta Gonzales tells DN how she constructed visuals and took on multiple roles for her debut romance Spanish short 'Mai'.

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Ellie Rogers Explores the Importance of Unexpected Female Friendships in ‘Outlines’

Film Festival, Live Action

24th March, 2018

An initially awkward encounter between a young girl and her Dad's hired escort evolves into an unexpected friendship in Ellie Rogers' 'Outlines'.

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Watch #FiveFilms4Freedom – A Global Digital LGBTQ+ Online Film Festival

Documentary, Film Festival, Live Action

23rd March, 2018

The British Council and BFI Flare Festival continue their global, digital LGBTQ+ online film festival #FiveFilms4Freedom.

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BFI Flare London LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2018: Stand Up

Film Festival

20th March, 2018

DN looks forward to another programme of the best in LGBTQ+ cinema from around the world at the BFI Flare London Film Festival 2018.

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Sam Ashby Reflects on the 1960s Fight for Gay Equality in Documentary/Drama Hybrid ‘The Colour of His Hair’

Documentary, Live Action

7th March, 2018

Sam Ashby discusses blending documentary, drama and a forgotten unrealised script for his impressionistic meditation on queer life in 1960s Britain.

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DN357: James Erskine Documents the Awe-Inspiring Artistic, Athletic & Societal Struggle of ‘The Ice King’

Documentary, Podcasts

23rd February, 2018

James Erskine shares how he crafted a documentary about the artistic, athletic and societal struggle of John Curry, the world's greatest ice skater.

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Harry Lighton Discusses Subverting Audience Expectations in BAFTA Nominated Short Wren Boys

Live Action

16th February, 2018

DN caught up with Harry Lighton to discuss shooting summer-for-winter on 16mm and subverting audience expectations in BAFTA nominated short 'Wren Boys'.

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