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Charlie Lyne Reexamines an Important Part of LGBT History in Operation Spanner Documentary ‘Lasting Marks’

Documentary, Film Festival

25th March, 2019

Prolific documentary filmmaker Charlie Lyne joins us to discuss the creative & researched-based process behind his Operation Spanner doc 'Lasting Marks'.

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Ellie Rogers Unravels The Cyclical Nature of Trauma In Her Short Thriller ‘They Found Her in a Field’

Film Festival, Live Action

24th March, 2019

DN speaks with Ellie Rogers, who reveals how she used time and repetition to tell the story of a woman revisiting the trauma of a past relationship.

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BFI Flare London LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2019: Sign of the Times

Film Festival

19th March, 2019

DN looks ahead to this year's BFI Flare festival, assessing the selection of works being presented and offering suggestions of what to watch.

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A Transgender Woman’s Identity is Veiled & Her Freedom Consumed in Rati Tsiteladze’s ‘Prisoner of Society’


16th January, 2019

Rati Tsiteladze exposes the discrimination faced by Georgia's LGBTQ+ citizens & its devastating effects on a family in documentary 'Prisoner of Society'.

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LGBTQ+ Learning Disabled Artist Matthew Kennedy Shares His Exploration of Identity Through Film

Animation, Documentary

21st November, 2018

Director Matthew Kennedy discusses being a spokesperson for the LGBTQ+ learning disabled community and how he explores his identity through film.

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A Teenager Undergoes a Transformation of the Self in Thomas Vernay’s Metamorphosis Music Video ‘Flesh’


20th November, 2018

Thomas Vernay shares how his interest in gender transformation and the breaking down of societal prejudices led to self-metamorphosis music video 'Flesh'.

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An Oppressive Regime Reaches Boiling Point in Dean Puckett’s Folklore Short ‘The Sermon’

Live Action

31st October, 2018

DN speaks to Dean Puckett about 'The Sermon' his allegorical folklore horror short about an isolated village reaching boiling point.

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Renata Gasiorowska Explores Sex-Positive Liberation in Erotic Animated Comedy ‘Pussy’


31st August, 2018

Renata Gasiorowska tells DN how she caused a scandal when a group of school children accidentally attended a screening of her erotic comedy short 'Pussy'.

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The Art of Change – In My Dreams I See Volcanoes

Art & Fashion, Asides

13th August, 2018

Lexi Kiddo’s 'In My Dreams I See Volcanoes' for the Barbican expresses its LGBT theme with a riotous mix of dance, poetry & colour.

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It’s a War of Parenting Opinions in Marley Morrison’s Comedy Short ‘Baby Gravy’

Live Action

9th August, 2018

Director Marley Morrison tells DN how her journey of becoming a parent in a same-sex relationship influenced her comedy short 'Baby Gravy'.

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Artur Zaremba Calls Into Question Society’s Outmoded Concept of Masculinity in Dance Documentary ‘SPECTRUM’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

13th July, 2018

Using a mix of techniques Artur Zaremba questions society’s outmoded assumptions of what constitutes masculinity in documentary dance short 'SPECTRUM'.

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The Ties of Family Are Tested in Mikael Bundsen’s Queer Short ‘Mother Knows Best’

Live Action

21st May, 2018

DN speaks with Mikael Bundsen about 'Mother Knows Best', his queer short about a son revealing an uncomfortable truth his mother wasn't ready for.

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