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Lines of Racial Division Are Tentatively Crossed in Marc Fouchard’s Oscar Shortlisted ‘The Way of Tea’

Live Action

24th January, 2017

Marc Fouchard confounds expectations of racial violence when a young skinhead enters a Muslim store in his perennially timely Oscar shortlisted film.

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Juanjo Giménez Reveals Secret Connections Between the CCTV Scan Lines in Palme d’Or Winning Short ‘Timecode’

Live Action

11th January, 2017

Free expression and human connections subvert the authoritarian nature of CCTV in Juanjo Giménez's Palme d'or winning, Oscar contending short film.

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Hu Wei Explores the Erosion of Tibetan Culture in Oscar Nominated Short ‘Butter Lamp’

Art & Fashion

21st January, 2015

Ostensibly the story of a photographer and his assistant capturing family portraits of the inhabitants of a remote Tibetan village, Hu Wei's experimental

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Oscars 2013 – Best Animated Short


24th February, 2013

Whilst the majority of the world’s press was focused on the wins by Argo (‘Best Picture’), Ang Lee (‘Best Director’), Jennifer

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