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Art Attack

Asides, Documentary

6th July, 2018

Nils Clauss captures cultural values clashes between a group of international artists & South Korean villagers during a residency programme near the DMZ.

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Watch #FiveFilms4Freedom – A Global Digital LGBTQ+ Online Film Festival

Documentary, Film Festival, Live Action

23rd March, 2018

The British Council and BFI Flare Festival continue their global, digital LGBTQ+ online film festival #FiveFilms4Freedom.

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Jude Chun & Yena Gim Bemoan the Mistakes of Creation in Wonderfully Choreographed Music Video ‘God’s Lament’


15th March, 2018

Jude Chun tells DN how he and Yena Gim built a delightfully escalating choreographed tale of divine fallibility in Zagmachi music video 'God’s Lament'.

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Jude Chun Pulls at the Threads of the Future in His Artfully Subtle Time Travel Short ‘The Time Agent’

Live Action

15th November, 2017

DN talks to South Korean Director Jude Chun about changing the future one argument at a time in his subtly realised time travel short 'The Time Agent'.

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Nils Clauss Redefines the Form of Documentary Filmmaking With His Korea Shorts Trilogy


6th November, 2017

DN invited director Nils Clauss to reflect on the making of 'Plastic Girls' and the completion of his Korea related trilogy of short documentaries.

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Remembering the Sewol Ferry Accident Victims in Nils Clauss’ Cross-Over Documentary ‘Last Letters’

Documentary, Music

3rd January, 2017

Director & Visual Artist Nils Clauss commemorates the victims of Korea's tragic Sewol ferry accident in transcendental documentary 'Last Letters'.

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Journey to Ladakh

Live Action

6th December, 2016

Nils Clauss and Neil Dowling show how technology and tradition go hand in hand in the remote Himalayan landscape in this compelling short for Samsung.

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Mirror in Mind


7th September, 2016

Seunghee Kim delves into despair, insecurity and battles fought to make sense of the world and herself in introspective short 'Mirror in Mind'

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Nils Clauss Decodes the Lexicon of 70s South Korean Factory Workers in ‘Bikini Words’


18th January, 2016

Director Nils Clauss guides us through the commissioning and production process of his Korean factory town workers' linguistics documentary ‘Bikini

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Kwangho Lee Discusses the Merits of Art Innocence in Documentary ‘Translating Furniture’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

18th April, 2014

Nils Clauss and Adam Hobbs co-direct artist documentary Translating Furniture – a poetic film in which furniture artist Kwangho Lee contemplates the

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The Big Boy


17th October, 2012

Written, directed and animated by Lee Kyu-Tae, THE BIG BOY is the charming tale of a friendly giant whose eagerness to help soon leads to him being an

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Studio Shelter

Animation, Asides

2nd December, 2011

Two fun animated shorts showcasing two totally different styles from South Korea’s Studio Shelter.

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