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Sergii Shevtsov Takes a Metaphorical Ride of Whimsy With ‘the list of stupid questions i ask myself when i’m

Sergii Shevtsov breaks down the considered staging of the surreal compositions for his self-reflective visual poem about life, career and relationships.

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Olivia de Camps Subverts Masculinity in Gendered Spaces for Rodney Chrome’s ‘Break the Internet’

Olivia De Camps tells DN how she used production design to subvert hyper-masculine environments in her high-octane music video for Rodney Chrome.

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Live Action, Premiere

A Surrealistic Veneer Hides a Family Breakdown in TJ O’Grady Peyton’s Offbeat ‘Broken: A Lockdown Story’

TJ O’Grady Peyton & John Craine speak to us about creating a cartoon-like aesthetic for their bizarre and quirky short following a family breakdown.

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