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A Fallen Man Heads Home on a Wave of Destruction in Casper Balslev’s Danish Western ‘End of the Rainbow’

Live Action

11th April, 2019

DN speaks to dir. Casper Balslev about setting his bleak fallen man thriller 'End of the Rainbow' in northern Denmark's hauntingly desolate landscapes.

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ALB’s ‘Whispers’ Transforms the Music Promo into an Interactive Trojan Horse of Surprises


6th December, 2013

If you took the Luna Brothers’ Girls, mashed it together with the persistent bunny boiler aspects of Basic Instinct and then took a match to your life,

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Han Kjøbenhavn SS13

Art & Fashion

23rd March, 2013

Conceived with Han Kjøbenhavn for the SS13 Collection, director Casper Balslev portrays a bizarre world of rivalry played out in underground furry fighting

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