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Deru Brings His Birds Eye View Contemplation of Human Existence to a Close in Meditative Short ‘Warmer Nights’

Art & Fashion, Music

13th December, 2018

Deru takes DN behind the scenes of 'Warmer Nights' - the final instalment in his three-part 'Torn in Two' video collaboration with Bryan Konietzko.

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Art & Fashion, Asides

11th December, 2018

Nicolas Arnold ponders the concept of 'Forever' through a riot of colour and seamlessly integrated visual and practical effects for Pause Fest.

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A Woman Embraces the Power of Community in Talia Shea Levin & Alexis Floyd’s Collaborative Dance Short ‘E T...

Art & Fashion, Music

7th December, 2018

Talia Shea Levin tells DN how she and co-creator Alexis Floyd embraced the concept of community on and off screen for collaborative dance short 'E T A'.

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Underwater Dancer Julie Gautier Goes in Search of What’s Hidden in Shern Sharma’s Lyrical Documentary ‘Xibalba’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

6th December, 2018

Shern Sharma joins us to discuss besting the challenges of underwater filming and Mexico's weather for his lyrical Julie Gautier documentary 'Xibalba'.

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Ian Froome Rides Shotgun With Artist Charlotte Keates as She Recreates a Bygone American Era in ‘The Kennedy Trip’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

30th November, 2018

Ian Froome takes DN behind the scenes of his lyrical, contemplative look at the inspiration behind artist Charlotte Keates’ 'The Kennedy Trip' exhibition.

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Life’s Pretends & The Lollipop Girls: An In-Depth Conversation With Multidisciplinary Artist Denise Prince

Art & Fashion

28th November, 2018

Artist Denise Prince discusses her exploration of desire and life's pretends in poetic experimental short 'The Lollipop Girls Struggle on the Hard Earth'.

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Alec Battistoni Attempts to Escape Long-Term Relationship Stagnation in Experimental Dance Short ‘Pattern, Break’

Art & Fashion

15th November, 2018

We talk to Alec Battistoni about grappling with the inevitable staleness of long-term passion in dual format, experimental dance short 'Pattern, Break'.

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Adam Priester Encapsulates the Passionate Struggle of Creation in Dark CGI Short ‘Hallow’

Animation, Art & Fashion

13th November, 2018

Adam Priester speaks to DN about capturing the reverent feeling the act of creation imbues in us with his self-reflective CGI grad short 'Hallow'.

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Maura Morales Returns to Cuba for an Exploration of Love, Art & Home in Grosse 8’s Hybrid Dance/Doc ‘Maura’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

9th November, 2018

Manfred Borsch & Jacqueline Hochmuth talk to DN about creating a hybrid doc/dance film for dancer Maura Morales' exploration of love, art and home.

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Mohammed Hammad Explores the Influence of Police Intervention on Native American Lives in ‘American Arithmetic’

Art & Fashion, Documentary, Premiere

22nd October, 2018

DN talks to Mohammed Hammad about his intimate look at a community of Native American organizers reclaiming land & culture in the face of police violence.

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Arthur Valverde Ventures Into the Pulsating Heart of Berlin’s Techno Community in ‘Rave’

Art & Fashion, Documentary, Music, Premiere

16th October, 2018

A girl takes a contemplative journey into the pulsating heart of Berlin's techno community in Arthur Valverde's doc collaboration with Nakt 'Rave'.

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Claire Laffut: Mojo

Art & Fashion, Asides, Music

24th September, 2018

Claire Laffut teams up with directing twosome The Bardos for a stylish frolick with living paintings and a mysterious glittery lover in 'Mojo'.

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