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Andrew De Zen Explores Loss, Chaotic Thoughts & the Anxiety of Heartache in ‘Stories We Tell Ourselves’

Art & Fashion

14th August, 2018

Andrew De Zen tells DN about depicting the anxious feelings of loss & chaotic thoughts brought on by time & fading memories in 'Stories We Tell Ourselves'

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The Art of Change – In My Dreams I See Volcanoes

Art & Fashion, Asides

13th August, 2018

Lexi Kiddo’s 'In My Dreams I See Volcanoes' for the Barbican expresses its LGBT theme with a riotous mix of dance, poetry & colour.

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Area 52 B-Sides

Animation, Art & Fashion, Asides

10th August, 2018

DN gets excited about John Morena's decision to release the deep cuts from his 'a new film a week for a year' project as the 'Area 52 B-Sides'.

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Jean Claude Billmaier Releases Rushes of Tension Through Surreal Composition of Movement in ‘Nulla’

Art & Fashion, Live Action

8th August, 2018

Jean Claude Billmaier takes us on a journey through our daily dealings with anger, anxiety and stress in his illusory experimental dance film, 'Nulla'.

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One Minute of Miniatures

Art & Fashion, Asides

26th July, 2018

'One Minute of Miniatures' collates the very best of Clemens Wirth’s miniature work into a tantalisingly atmospheric snapshot of lives in motion.

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Common Ground

Art & Fashion, Asides

24th July, 2018

Kobi Vogman’s 'Common Ground' presents a disquieting cycle of creation and destruction as an imagined place of surreal imagination succumbs to a flood.

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Artur Zaremba Calls Into Question Society’s Outmoded Concept of Masculinity in Dance Documentary ‘SPECTRUM’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

13th July, 2018

Using a mix of techniques Artur Zaremba questions society’s outmoded assumptions of what constitutes masculinity in documentary dance short 'SPECTRUM'.

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Humankind’s Present & Potential Future Collide With the Past in Scott Geersen’s CGI Titles for TEDxSydney

Animation, Art & Fashion

10th July, 2018

Scott Geersen tells DN how he met the weighty challenge of summing up the good & the bad of our species in his 'Humankind' title sequence for TEDxSydney.

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Art & Fashion, Asides

4th July, 2018

Frederic van Strydonck’s soothing iPhone X shot experimental short 'Spltch' reveals the secret life of water and how it travels around the world.

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TEDxSydney 2018: Humankind

Art & Fashion, Asides

25th June, 2018

In his TEDxSydney title sequence Scott Geersen traverses a CGI rendered gallery in which humankind’s present & potential future collide with the past.

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Experience the Refugee Journey Through Western Eyes in Ty Richardson’s Emotive Short ‘War Poem’

Art & Fashion, Live Action, Premiere

19th June, 2018

DN speaks to Ty Richardson about creating an empathic, fictionalised version of a refugee crisis as experienced through Western eyes in 'War Poem'.

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Somersault Pike

Art & Fashion, Asides, Live Action

18th June, 2018

Kate Lefoe's 'Somersault Pike' makes expert use of slow motion to convey the fears of a competitive diver as she attempts to reach new heights.

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