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An Isolated Young Man’s Conspiracy Theories Push Him into the Darkness of Radicalism in Julian Tuna’s ‘Joy’

Music, Premiere

20th March, 2019

Julian Tuna's disturbingly relevant music video 'Joy' depicts how the conspiracy theories of an isolated young man push him further into radicalism.

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Jamieson Pearce Queries Morality and Mother/Son Dynamics in his Short Film Drama ‘Adult’

Live Action, Premiere

7th March, 2019

Jamieson Pearce tells DN how he approached his dramatic exploration of the emotional complexity of parental relationships in queer drama short 'Adult'.

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A Rural Woodworker Consumed by Grief Builds His Own Coffin in Sanford Jenkins Jr.’s USC Short ‘A Craftsman’

Live Action, Premiere

4th March, 2019

Sanford Jenkins Jr. joins DN for the premiere of his USC Diploma short 'A Craftsman', the story of a grief stricken widower who builds his own coffin.

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Glimpse the Unseen World of Mysterious Connections in Ollie Verschoyle’s ‘Madeleine’

Film Festival, Live Action, Premiere

22nd February, 2019

DN talks to Ollie Verschoyle about taking up the role of director alongside his cinematographer duties on 'Madeleine' - a story of interconnected clarity.

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David Findlay Captures the Frenetic Life of an Olympic Middle Distance Runner in Asics’ Documentary ’72 Hours’

Documentary, Premiere

29th January, 2019

David Findlay’s frenetic Asics' doc '72 Hours' provides a glimpse into a normal weekend for Olympic middle-distance runner Charles Philibert-Thiboutot.

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A Teenage Girl Uses Her Newfound Superpower to Steal Her High School Crush’s Virginity in Andrew Wonder’s ‘Whipped’

Live Action, Premiere

22nd January, 2019

Andrew Wonder takes DN behind the scenes of 'Whipped' - the story of a teenage girl who uses her superpower to steal her high school crush’s virginity.

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Ainhoa Rodríguez Captures the Sensuality of an Elderly Woman’s Erotic Fantasy in ‘Fade’

Music, Premiere

21st January, 2019

Ainhoa Rodríguez talks to DN about challenging the taboos around the depiction of sexual desire in elderly women in her sensual music video for Chloé Bird

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Leo Pfeifer Explores What Happens When a Career Drummer Can No Longer Keep the Beat in Doc ‘Lost Time’

Documentary, Music, Premiere

15th January, 2019

Leo Pfeifer talks to DN about 'Lost Time', his intimate reflective documentary about what happens when a career drummer can no longer keep the beat.

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The Perfect Sheet

Asides, Documentary, Premiere

11th January, 2019

Travis Wood captures the inspiring passion of Zamboni driver Brian LeDuc for a job well done in profile documentary short 'The Perfect Sheet'.

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Learn How David Gidali & Einat Tubi Harnessed the Power of Deepfakes in Cautionary AI Sex Short ‘Face Swap’

Live Action, Premiere

7th January, 2019

David Gidali & Einat Tubi explain how they used machine-learning algorithms to deliver a cautionary tale about where our society is headed in 'Face Swap'.

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Adrian Vieni Takes a Deep Dive Into the Tumultuous Mind of the Artist in ‘Prōˌses’

Art & Fashion, Documentary, Premiere

3rd January, 2019

Adrian Vieni talks to DN about taking a deep dive into the emotions, anxieties and fears of artist Dina Roudman in the creation of her art in 'Prōˌses'.

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Amar Hernández Captures the Gentle Spirit of Cape Verde in Poetic 16mm Short ‘Morabeza’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

2nd January, 2019

DN speaks to Amar Hernández about creating a literary journey of discovery revealing the beauty & diversity of Cape Verde in poetic 16mm short 'Morabeza'.

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