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Experience the Refugee Journey Through Western Eyes in Ty Richardson’s Emotive Short ‘War Poem’

Art & Fashion, Live Action, Premiere

19th June, 2018

DN speaks to Ty Richardson about creating an empathic, fictionalised version of a refugee crisis as experienced through Western eyes in 'War Poem'.

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Iqbal Ahmed Pays Homage to the Therapeutic Power of Music in Inspiring Documentary Short ‘Offbeat’

Documentary, Music, Premiere

18th June, 2018

LA-based Writer/Director Iqbal Ahmed takes DN behind the scenes of his inspiring documentary portrait about the therapeutic power of music, ‘Offbeat’.

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In a Bleak World Devoid of Refuge a Man Tries to Endure in Rafa G. Arroyo’s Post-Apocalyptic Short ‘LOST’

Live Action, Premiere

1st June, 2018

Rafa G. Arroyo’s post-apocalyptic short 'LOST' posits the question of what fuels us to continue the fight for survival in the face of utter despair.

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A Paranoid Woman Attempts to Unmask Her Boyfriend’s Lover in Matthew Charof’s Psychological Thriller ‘Violet’

Live Action, Premiere

23rd May, 2018

Matthew Charof’s 'Violet' sees a paranoid woman straddle the line between reality and fantasy as she attempts to confront her boyfriend’s lover.

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Past Love Forces an Amateur Pornographer to Reconsider His Life in Stephen Takashima’s ‘Breathing Through Trees’

Live Action, Premiere

22nd May, 2018

An amateur pornographer is torn between memories from his past & the fresh new applicant sitting before him in Stephen Takashima’s Breathing Through Trees

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Unseen Films & Forgotten Cult Classics: Take a Look Inside East London Film Club ‘Deeper Into Movies’

Documentary, Film Festival, Premiere

16th May, 2018

Christopher Rogers’ new documentary unearths the roots and ethos behind Steven T Hanley’s cult East London film club 'Deeper Into Movies'.

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Paul Nevison Exposes the Cold Cruelty of Ghana’s Modern Day Child Slavery in ‘Lake Volta’

Documentary, Premiere

10th May, 2018

Paul Nevison’s ‘Lake Volta’ provides a harrowing firsthand account of the experience of a young boy sold into slavery on the world’s largest

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A Boy Fights the Stigma of Cowardice After Refusing an Invitation to Manhood in Phil Giordano’s ‘SUPOT’

Live Action, Premiere

25th April, 2018

DN speaks to director Phil Giordano about drawing on Filipino tradition and besting inaccessible locations for his coming of age short 'SUPOT'.

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A Young Boy Fights Depression With Time in Jonathan Herzberg’s ‘Seven Things I’ve Learned About Time Travel’

Live Action, Premiere

2nd April, 2018

A young boy attempts to cure his mother's depression with a time machine in Jonathan Herzberg's sci-fi short 'Seven Things I've Learned About Time Travel'.

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Moodoïd Attempt to Replace Lost Love in Nick Roney’s Improvised Audition Music Video ‘Miss Smith’

Music, Premiere

28th March, 2018

Nick Roney takes DN behind the scenes of Moodoïd front man Pablo Padovan's awkward casting hunt to replace his lost love in 'Miss Smith'.

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A Girl Embarks on a Journey of Self-Discovery in Coming of Age Fashion Film ‘Not(e) For a Dreamer’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

20th March, 2018

Enrico Poli’s has created a tender, intimate and nostalgic look at the journey from childhood to adulthood his new fashion film 'Not(e) For a Dreamer'.

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Buried Treasure Sends an Iranian Village Into a Spiral of Death & Deception in Roozbeh Misaghi’s ‘Turquoise’

Live Action, Premiere

12th March, 2018

Roozbeh Misaghi joins DN with 'Turquoise', his allegorical story about a remote Iranian village which descends into deception, death and double-dealing.

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