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Emily Dynes Traverses the Intersection of Intimacy & Trauma in Her Moving Dance Short ‘Slowly’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

13th September, 2019

Emily Dynes tells DN how she worked with her actors and choreographer to develop the intimate movements required for her intense dance short 'Slowly'.

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Daniel Antebi Compiles the Fragments of a Lost Relationship Through Memories & Dance in ‘Unfold’

Live Action

30th August, 2019

DN speaks with Daniel Antebi about choreography, developing relationship history, and the narratological structure of memories for romance short 'Unfold'.

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Carlos Asse Pens a Love Letter to the Rewards & Sacrifices of Creative Life in ‘Dark at Sea’

Art & Fashion

8th August, 2019

Carlos Asse reveals how technical challenges on his 35mm shoot echoed the themes of creative struggle depicted in unsettling dance short 'Dark at Sea'.

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TWINS “You Must Be Related!”

Art & Fashion, Asides

1st August, 2019

Director Varya Rootwood and Choreographers India & Ananda Gonzalez share 'TWINS "You must be related!"' a dance short confronting societal expectations.

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Roni Shao Reveals How China’s Underground Artists Are Pushing the Boundaries of Art & Culture in ‘Frontiers’

Art & Fashion, Music

31st July, 2019

Roni Shao explains how he navigated the new frontiers of self-expression defining the future of Chinese art & culture in multi-sensory feast 'Frontiers'.

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A Hungry Man Battles a Troupe of Dancers for His Lunch in Jonny Look’s Sandwich Ballet ‘Phér•BŏNey Love Theme’


22nd July, 2019

Jonny Look tells DN how he brought an epic sandwich ballet to life for his delightfully absurd Joe Russo music video 'Phér•Bŏney Love Theme'.

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Karni&Saul Pay Tribute to the Duality of Human Existence in Fantasy Dance Music Video ‘The problems aren’t us’

Animation, Music

3rd July, 2019

Karni&Saul share how they combined dance, animation and nature for a silent rave to the gods of creativity in 'The problems aren’t us'.

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Anatoliy Sachivko Embraces the Compelling Power of Destruction in Pokaz Trio Dance Film ‘Kintsugi’

Music, Premiere

20th June, 2019

Directors Notes goes behind the scenes of Pokaz Trio dance film 'Kintsugi' to learn how this captivating ode to the power of destruction came into being.

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Vincent René-Lortie Takes a Trip into Temporal Nightmares in Dance Short ‘The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time’

Art & Fashion

4th June, 2019

DN talks to Vincent René-Lortie about collaborating with Trip The Light Fantastic for temporal nightmare dance film 'The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time'

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Elliott Gonzo & Philly Felton Portray the Gruelling Effort Required to Excel in Experimental Ballet Short ‘Tundra’

Art & Fashion

3rd June, 2019

Elliott Gonzo & Philly Felton partner with dancer Zelos Tsang-Thompson for a rumination on the extreme effort required to excel in dance short 'Tundra'.

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Harriet Macdonald Opens Balletboyz’s Shots Film Series with Transfixing Urban Dance Short ‘Flight’

Art & Fashion

21st May, 2019

Canister Studio director Harriet Macdonald discusses combining urban machismo, in-flight safety demonstrations & dance for Balletboyz short film 'Flight'.

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Dancer Sakeema Finds Truth & Understanding Through Movement in Bertil Nilsson’s Portrait Series ‘Figures’

Documentary, Premiere

30th April, 2019

Bertil Nilsson tells DN how he embraced spontaneity in order to explore the duality of home for young queer dancer Sakeema in doc portrait 'Figure 2'.

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