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Dancer Sakeema Finds Truth & Understanding Through Movement in Bertil Nilsson’s Portrait Series ‘Figures’

Documentary, Premiere

30th April, 2019

Bertil Nilsson tells DN how he embraced spontaneity in order to explore the duality of home for young queer dancer Sakeema in doc portrait 'Figure 2'.

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FKA twigs: Cellophane

Asides, Music

26th April, 2019

Andrew Thomas Huang's 'Cellophane' sees the unfathomable FKA twigs nail an expressive pole dance performance which demands your emotional engagement.

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Ashley Robicheaux Reminisces on the Pleasures of Past Love in One-Shot R O B I Music Video ‘Handlebars’

Music, Premiere

17th April, 2019

DN speaks to Ashley Robicheaux about crafting a haunting mix of live performance & improvisational dance in one-shot R O B I music video 'Handlebars'.

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How Creating ‘Firebird’ led Velislava Gospodinova to Explore her Bulgarian Roots and the Vulnerable Side of her Personality


28th March, 2019

Filmmaker Velislava Gospodinova joins us on DN for the first time to discuss 'Firebird' - a rhythmic animated short inspired by mythological stories.

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A Man Struggles to Leave the Love of His Life Behind in Vincent René-Lortie’s Enigmatic ‘Lady Winter’


12th February, 2019

DN speaks to Vincent René-Lortie about his haunting exploration of reluctantly moving on from the one you love in dance music video 'Lady Winter'.

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Daniel Gootnick Explores the Humanity & Drama of the Spaces We Inhabit in One-Shot Dance Short ‘Different / Sleep’

Art & Fashion

20th December, 2018

Daniel Gootnick guides us through a strange enigmatic house, providing glimpses into lives past and present in one-shot dance short 'Different / Sleep'.

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A Woman Embraces the Power of Community in Talia Shea Levin & Alexis Floyd’s Collaborative Dance Short ‘E T...

Art & Fashion, Music

7th December, 2018

Talia Shea Levin tells DN how she and co-creator Alexis Floyd embraced the concept of community on and off screen for collaborative dance short 'E T A'.

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Underwater Dancer Julie Gautier Goes in Search of What’s Hidden in Shern Sharma’s Lyrical Documentary ‘Xibalba’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

6th December, 2018

Shern Sharma joins us to discuss besting the challenges of underwater filming and Mexico's weather for his lyrical Julie Gautier documentary 'Xibalba'.

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Asides, Live Action

5th December, 2018

Georgia Parris’ one-shot short 'Abandon' observes the emotional turmoil of a dancer required to give her all moments after being told she’s pregnant.

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Alec Battistoni Attempts to Escape Long-Term Relationship Stagnation in Experimental Dance Short ‘Pattern, Break’

Art & Fashion

15th November, 2018

We talk to Alec Battistoni about grappling with the inevitable staleness of long-term passion in dual format, experimental dance short 'Pattern, Break'.

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Maura Morales Returns to Cuba for an Exploration of Love, Art & Home in Grosse 8’s Hybrid Dance/Doc ‘Maura’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

9th November, 2018

Manfred Borsch & Jacqueline Hochmuth talk to DN about creating a hybrid doc/dance film for dancer Maura Morales' exploration of love, art and home.

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Arthur Valverde Ventures Into the Pulsating Heart of Berlin’s Techno Community in ‘Rave’

Art & Fashion, Documentary, Music, Premiere

16th October, 2018

A girl takes a contemplative journey into the pulsating heart of Berlin's techno community in Arthur Valverde's doc collaboration with Nakt 'Rave'.

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