Denis Dobrovoda Catalogues a Horrifying Part of British History in Human Zoo Story ‘Savage’

Live Action, Premiere

19th April, 2021

From 1830 to 1958, 35,000 people from Native & African backgrounds were exhibited in human zoos. Denis Dobrovoda's 'Savage' peels back this shocking story.

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An Isolated Family Become Unsettled by Their Disturbed Son in Zander Coté’s Woodland Thriller ‘Tantrums’

Live Action, Premiere

16th April, 2021

Zander Coté explains the artistic motivation behind his decision to cast actors against type for his short character-driven thriller 'Tantrums'.

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Vincent René-Lortie Navigates the Emotions of a Seven Year Old Through Krump in Dance Film ‘Sit Still’

Art & Fashion

15th April, 2021

Vincent René-Lortie explains his desire to focus in on the underestimated power of childhood expression for his Film.Dance short 'Sit Still'.

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Gísli Darri Halldórsson Explains How He Found Beauty Within Repetition for Oscar-Nominated Animation ‘Yes-People’


14th April, 2021

Made over the course of eight years, Gísli Darri Halldórsson's 'Yes-People' is a delightful mosiac of Icelandic life in a sleepy tenement block.

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Elvira Lind’s Oscar-Nominated ‘The Letter Room’ Deftly Illustrates the Messiness of Good Intentions

Live Action

13th April, 2021

We speak to Elvira Lind about casting her partner Oscar Isaac against type in 'The Letter Room' - a bittersweet comedy set in a maximum security prison.

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A Relationship Unravels Upon the Discovery of Hidden Gun in Chloë Wicks’ Tragicomedy ‘Fragile Package’

Live Action, Premiere

12th April, 2021

Chloë Wicks deconstructs modern masculinity in her tragicomedy 'Fragile Package', about a couple who move into a new apartment and discover a gun.

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Craig Range Elegiacally Captures a Dying Way of Rural Life in Meditative Music Video ‘Everything Reminds Me’


9th April, 2021

Craig Range breaks down the process behind his 'Everything Reminds Me' music video - a gorgeous document of rural life on the Saskatchewan prairie.

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Savvas Stavrou Presents a Cautionary Tale of Self-Isolation in Deliciously Dark Comedy ‘A Jar of Nuts’

Live Action, Premiere

8th April, 2021

Savvas Stavrou talks to DN about the tone and style inspirations of ‘A Jar of Nuts’, his wryly dark comedy about the repercussions of social isolation.

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A Contemporary Narrative on the African Diaspora Shines Through a Tale of Redemption in Ivan Herrera’s ‘Bantú Mama’

Film Festival, Live Action

7th April, 2021

We talk to Ivan Herrera about working with young non-professionals, shooting on a single lens & rejecting the lazy trap of porno-poverty in 'Bantú Mama'.

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Lars Nagler Brings a Surreal Encyclopaedia to Life in His Short Animation ‘Shift Simmers Slips’

Animation, Art & Fashion

6th April, 2021

Lars Nagler explains the freely intuitive animation process behind 'Shift Simmers Slips' his surreal adaptation of Luigi Serafini's 'Codex Seraphinianus'.

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Justin Doherty & Neil Fox Merge Challenging Cinema With Professional Film Practice in ‘Wilderness’

Live Action

5th April, 2021

Justin Doherty & Neil Fox speak to DN about allying professional and emerging filmmakers on the production of their cinematically defiant feature debut.

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10 Essential Short Films to Stream at GLAS Animation 2021

Animation, Film Festival

2nd April, 2021

DN delivers a recommended selection of ten cutting-edge animated shorts available to stream online at GLAS Animation 2021.

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