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The Magic of Arc’teryx Clothing is Powerfully Celebrated in Adam William Wilson’s Immersive ‘Flow with Life’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

26th October, 2020

A love letter to water, Adam William Wilson reveals how 'Flow with Life' became an outdoor gear film that's unafraid to confront vulnerability.

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Victor Claramunt Contemplates the Route Back to Closeness in ‘The End of Social Distancing’

Art & Fashion

11th May, 2020

Victor Claramunt tells DN how he repurposed the traditional director's reel format to create stylish quarantine film 'The End of Social Distancing'.

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Scott Perry Illustrates the Power of Heroes to Pave the Way in Inspirational Nike Spot ‘Queens Lead’


18th February, 2020

Scott Perry walks DN through inspirational Nike spot 'Queens Lead' - an exhilarating illustration of how personal heroes pave the way for future Queens.

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Daniel Marini Reveals the Hidden Trauma of Domestic Abuse in His Unflinching EVAW Campaign Film

Live Action

25th November, 2019

Daniel Marini shares how he created a powerful through the looking-glass reveal without the use of VFX for his unflinching EVAW single-shot campaign film.

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Hotel MFW

Art & Fashion, Asides

16th September, 2019

The Blink Fish take us on a guided tour of the unique guests residing in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Milan Fashion Week short 'Hotel MFW'.

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Nike – Further Than Ever

Asides, Live Action

24th June, 2019

Ian Pons Jewell throws us into the thick of the action in 'Further Than Ever' – a kinetic celebration of Chinese female athletes created for Nike.

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A Constant Companion Bares Witness to the Milestones of a Man’s Life in Skyler Fulton’s ‘A Good Watch’

Documentary, Premiere

21st May, 2019

Skyler Fulton tells DN how he traced the significant moments of his father’s life as witnessed by his trusty timepiece for Casio spec ad 'A Good Watch'.

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Michelob: Call From Nature 

Asides, Live Action

4th March, 2019

DN favourite Ian Pons Jewell transforms busy city dwellers into a collection of migrating animalistic entities in new Michelob ad spot 'Call From Nature'.

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Parklife 2019 Launch Film

Animation, Asides, Music

11th February, 2019

Studio Moross get the hottest party in the neighbourhood started in their jam-packed animated launch film for Manchester festival Parklife 2019.

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David Findlay Captures the Frenetic Life of an Olympic Middle Distance Runner in Asics’ Documentary ’72 Hours’

Documentary, Premiere

29th January, 2019

David Findlay’s frenetic Asics' doc '72 Hours' provides a glimpse into a normal weekend for Olympic middle-distance runner Charles Philibert-Thiboutot.

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Ford – The Future Is Built

Asides, Live Action

10th January, 2019

DN regular Ian Pons Jewell lays out the practical steps which lead us to progress in his Bryan Cranston starring ad spot for Ford, 'The Future Is Built'.

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Jackson Tisi Charts the Long Road of Perseverance to ‘Championships’ in His Meek Mill Spotify Doc

Documentary, Music

8th January, 2019

Jackson Tisi reveals how he expanded the scope of his Spotify commissioned doc in order to reveal the long hard road Meek Mill traversed to Championships.

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