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Tom Streller Explores Dangerous Group Dynamics in Today’s Youth Culture in Artful Film Essay ‘Feel Something’

Art & Fashion

3rd March, 2020

Tom Streller reveals how disturbing reports of adolescent violence led to artful film essay on group dynamics in today’s youth culture 'Feel Something'.

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The Frivolity of a Co-Dependent Friendship Takes a Turn Towards Toxic in Waley Wang’s ‘Julie & I’

Art & Fashion

20th February, 2020

A co-dependent pair of femmes' closer than close friendship tips into the realm of toxicity in Waley Wang's whimsical anti-fashion flick 'Julie & I'.

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Art Duo HOVVER’s Immersive Installations Are Illuminated in Alex Ramsey’s Doc ‘Tracing Light’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

19th February, 2020

Alex Ramsey illuminates the process of New York-based Art duo HOVVER and their diligently creative installations in documentary short 'Tracing Light'.

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A Basketball Player Triumphs Over Self-Doubt in Walter Stoehr’s Stunning Genesis Adaptation ‘My Kingdom Come’

Art & Fashion

14th February, 2020

Walter Stoehr talks about recasting the serpent from the Book of Genesis as a force of self-actualisation in biblical basketball short 'My Kingdom Come'.

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Alena Shevchenko Hesitates to Make the First Move in Playful Will She Won’t She Short ‘I’ll Say It First’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

6th February, 2020

Director Alena Shevchenko clues us into the inspirations she drew from the Soviet era for her playful will she won't she short 'I'll Say It First'.

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Nina Gofur Captures the Dissociation Experienced by Marginalised Womxn in Experimental Short ‘Phantasmagoria’

Art & Fashion

4th February, 2020

Nina Gofur guides DN through the interplay of image and music behind the beauty laced horror of her dual reality experimental short 'Phantasmagoria'.

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An Interview with Vimeo’s Best Staff Pick Winners of 2019

Animation, Art & Fashion, Documentary, Live Action

12th January, 2020

DN chats with Vimeo's Best Staff Pick directors of 2019 about the differing artistic approaches behind their award-winning work.

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Cynical Smile Expresses the Mental Toll of Life in the Age of Distraction in Discordant Short ‘Fracture’

Art & Fashion

10th January, 2020

Cynical Smile talks to us about combining movement and sound design for his discordant meditation on the mental turmoil of life in the age of distraction.

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A Supermodel Embraces Her Inner Feline in Gabriel Juduc’s Surrealistic Fashion Portrait ‘This Is Marta’

Art & Fashion, Documentary, Premiere

9th January, 2020

Sitting somewhere between portrait doc and fashion film Gabriel Juduc offers up a surrealist view of the intimate life of a supermodel in 'This is Marta'.

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Joan Bosch Contemplates the Desire for a Body Without a Soul in Experimental Short ‘Diary of Hidden Bodies’

Art & Fashion

6th January, 2020

Director Joan Bosch contemplates the desire to become merely matter, a physical body devoid of a soul in experimental short 'Diary of Hidden Bodies'.

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Directors Notes Top 20 Filmmaker Conversations of 2019

Animation, Art & Fashion, Article, Documentary, Film Festival, Live Action, Music

3rd January, 2020

Team DN put our curating skills to good use to picked out our favourite 20 Directors Notes filmmaker conversations from the past 12 months.

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A Seductive Serpent Traps a Pair of Women in a Parallel Reality in Muzaluci’s Psychedelic Fashion Thriller

Animation, Art & Fashion, Premiere

17th December, 2019

Juan Manuel Pinzón, Tata Persico & Paco Gorriz discuss the joy & pain of being given full creative freedom on their psychedelic MUZALUCI fashion thriller.

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