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Directors Notes Top 20 Filmmaker Conversations of 2019

Animation, Art & Fashion, Article, Documentary, Film Festival, Live Action, Music

3rd January, 2020

Team DN put our curating skills to good use to picked out our favourite 20 Directors Notes filmmaker conversations from the past 12 months.

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A Seductive Serpent Traps a Pair of Women in a Parallel Reality in Muzaluci’s Psychedelic Fashion Thriller

Animation, Art & Fashion, Premiere

17th December, 2019

Juan Manuel Pinzón, Tata Persico & Paco Gorriz discuss the joy & pain of being given full creative freedom on their psychedelic MUZALUCI fashion thriller.

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Irmãos Meirelles Discover the Inspiration Hidden in Mundane Moments in Artist Profile Doc ‘Murayama’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

9th December, 2019

Irmãos Meirelles explore the hidden complexity inside mundane & seemingly irrelevant moments which lead us to new ideas in artist profile doc 'Murayama'.

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David Findlay Celebrates the Compulsions of the Restless Mind in Visual Poem ‘You Know Where You Belong’

Art & Fashion

31st October, 2019

David Findlay casts a meditative eye on the idiosyncratic quirks and compulsions of human behaviour in visual poem piece 'You Know Where You Belong'.

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Andrew Blackman Delves Deep into the Fantastical World of Artist Gui Taccetti in Immersive Documentary ‘Inferno’

Art & Fashion, Documentary, Premiere

28th October, 2019

Andrew Blackman guides us through the process of documenting Gui Taccetti’s artistic practice in the lead up his most ambitious exhibition, 'Inferno'.

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Fatty Soprano & Shutterr Reveal How the Therapeutic Power of Dance Saved a Man from Depression in ‘Krump Antidote’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

8th October, 2019

Fatty Soprano & Shutterr introduce us to Marcus, a man whose discovery of Krump helped save him from the dark grip of depression in doc 'Krump Antidote'.

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Steven Briand Captures the All Encompassing Emotion of a First Kiss Between Lovers in Aerial Dance Short ‘Plume’

Art & Fashion

4th October, 2019

Paris-based writer/director/producer Steven Briand taps into the all-encompassing emotion of the first kiss between lovers in aerial dance short 'Plume'.

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Learn How Neels Castillon Delivered a Vibrant Confluence of Colour and Motion in Dance Short ‘Parce Que’

Art & Fashion, Music

3rd October, 2019

"Mixing dancing and painting could easily become an arty ‘cliché’." Neels Castillon takes us behind the scenes of vibrant dance short 'Parce Que'.

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Hotel MFW

Art & Fashion, Asides

16th September, 2019

The Blink Fish take us on a guided tour of the unique guests residing in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Milan Fashion Week short 'Hotel MFW'.

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Emily Dynes Traverses the Intersection of Intimacy & Trauma in Her Moving Dance Short ‘Slowly’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

13th September, 2019

Emily Dynes tells DN how she worked with her actors and choreographer to develop the intimate movements required for her intense dance short 'Slowly'.

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How Max Hattler Transformed Hong Kong’s Vertical Skyline into Living Film Strips in ‘Serial Parallels’

Animation, Art & Fashion

4th September, 2019

Max Hattler provides some insight into his new film 'Serial Parallels' an experimental portrait of Hong Kong one of the most vertical cities in the world.

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Victor Claramunt Approaches the Impending Doom of the Plastic Crisis with Youth & Humour in ‘La Mer’

Art & Fashion

3rd September, 2019

DN speaks with Victor Claramunt about the creation of his humorous and youthful ecological art film confronting the impending plastic crisis 'La Mer'.

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