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Chris Shimojima Subverts Conventional Love Stories in Wandering Eye Dance Short ‘Do You Like Me Now?’

Art & Fashion

7th February, 2017

Chris Shimojima discusses combining movement and music to create a dance short which critiques the fickleness of attraction and the pliability of self.

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Repressed Emotions Boil Over in Chris Shimojima's '6-minute Mom'

Live Action

12th May, 2014

In Chris Shimojima’s '6-minute Mom', a woman reconnects with her absent mother and discovers that even the sturdiest of emotional walls can be breached.

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DN243: JT vs. the Good Guys – Chris Shimojima

Live Action, Podcasts

26th April, 2012

Chris Shimojima’s JT vs. the Good Guys turns the tables on what we’ve come to expect from the high school bully narrative. We speak to Chris

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