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Dasha Gushchina’s ‘Standing Between Two Walls’ for Manizha Unpicks the Paradox of Russian-Tajik Identity

Dasha Guschina shares how she dramatised Russian-Tajik singer Manizha's complex identity through the choreography of everyday gestures.

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Directors Notes Top 20 Filmmaker Conversations of 2022

From an exhilarating year of DN interviews, this selection of 20 favourites epitomises the rich, insightful conversations we had with directors in 2022.

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Dasha Gushchina’s ‘Slaughterhouse-Six’ is a Bracing Balletic Response to Russia’s Descent into Fascism

With militaristic movements on a barren landscape, Dasha Gushchina discusses crafting a brutal ballet as a direct response to unthinkable monstrosities.

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