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Visitor Share the Origin Story of a Remarkable Female Sumo Wrestler in Documentary Short ‘I am Tuvsho’

George Thomson and Lukas Schrank explain how their kit choices allowed them to gain a more intimate perspective for their short documentary.

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Documentary, Music

Visitor Capture a Female Sumo Wrestler’s Indomitable Will to Succeed in Music Video Doc ‘Resolution’

Visitor take DN behind the scenes of Safia music video doc 'Resolution', their stirring profile of a female sumo wrestler's indomitable will to succeed.

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Visitor Create a Subtle Vision of Lovers Trapped in Parallel Realities in Sci-Fi Music Video ‘Tessellating’

Directing duo Visitor take a temporal leap into a parallel universe in which a couple desperately try to cross the void separating them in 'Tessellating'.

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