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Party Time

Animation, Live Action

6th March, 2013

Ever been to a party and felt like the odd one out? Keith Schofield’s inventive short Party Time takes this feeling of isolation to a new level with a

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Darwin Deez: You Can’t Be My Girl


20th February, 2013

Darwin Deez stalks his way through a series of stock footage, the women he loves always tantalisingly out of reach in Keith Schofield’s You

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The Bark Side

Live Action

27th January, 2012

I was pretty sure that every conceivable Star Wars parody had to have been played out by now, that was until I saw Keith Schofield’s genius ad spot

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Heaven Can Wait


21st November, 2009

Not content with starring in the most controversial film of the year, actress and daughter of famous French actor/singer Serge Gainsbourg, Charlotte

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