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Dillon Francis Flies Through a Mind-Bending Involuntary LSD Trip in Parker Seaman’s ‘LA On Acid’

Parker Seaman walks DN through the construction of the mind melting scenes in his deliriously trippy music video journey through an LA Chinese restaurant.

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A Day in the Life of a Child Becomes a Psychedelic Voyage in Gerhard Funk’s Trippy ‘A Goat’s Spell’

Gerhard Funk tells DN how shifting production into Virtual Reality gave him the creative boost needed to finish off his hallucinatory animation.

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Live Action

Simone Smith’s Surreal Short ‘The Möbius Trip’ Explores the Inner Madness of All Chaotic Families

Simone Smith explains how she used visually outré imagery, claustrohobic frames and rear projection to find the madness of a chaotic family.

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