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Jeremy McNamara ‘The Skatepark on Treasure Island’ Celebrates the Scene’s DIY Aesthetic

Shot, recorded, mixed, coloured and edited by him, director Jeremy McNamara explains the DIY techniques he used in his documentary to reflect DIY themes.

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Art & Fashion

How Colin Read Built a 35mm Bullet Time Rig for Experimental Converse Skateboard Short ‘Time Web’

DN alum Colin Read explains the intricate technical solutions needed to execute his frozen skateboarding 104 pinhole camera Converse short ’Time Web’.

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Live Action

Toby Morris Kickflips Into the Outer Cosmos for His Experimental Narrative Short ‘Space: A Skate Odyssey’

Toby Morris combines retro 60s archival footage with a repressed skateboarding housewife for his new experimental short 'Space: A Skate Odyssey'.

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