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Kirby Ferguson Opens up About His Career as an Online Creator and the Decision to Retire From Internet Filmmaking

Kirby Ferguson discusses the multifaceted role of the internet filmmaker across the past two decades in an in-depth career-spanning interview with DN.

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Documentary, Film Festival

Andrey Gryazev Channels Russian Anger With Putin Into Blistering Found-Footage Documentary ‘The Foundation Pit’

We sat down with director Andrey Gryazev to discuss his found-footage documentary 'The Foundation Pit' — a blistering state-of-the-nation address.

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Animation, Live Action, Music

Future Shorts Best of 2010

A special look back on the year that was 2010 from the Future Shorts YouTube Channel, featuring some of their favorite shorts including… Temper Trap

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Nine Inch Nails' Festival of Ghosts

Far from content to wreak havoc solely on the music industry, Nine Inch Nails have announced the expansion of the Ghosts project with the launch of a YouTube

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