It’s true, I really am. I’ve been well impressed by the quality of work that people have been sending in to us and have thoroughly enjoyed watching most of the films! We’ve got some really great work to discuss on our forthcoming podcasts and I’m looking forward to hearing about how the filmmakers that we’re going to be featuring came up with their ideas and developed them.

The selection of films for the shortlist for the Reading and Leeds festivals is nearly drawing to an end so then we’ll be able to concentrate on actually recording the Directors Notes podcasts for you all to listen to. My weekends, besides watching and sourcing films, have been spent discussing the structure that the podcast should take. By rights I should be absolutely sick of talking about it but I’m absolutely loving developing Directors Notes, there are just so many possibilities! I’m reading Peter Biskind’s Down and Dirty Pictures at the same time as doing this and am inspired by how all the big guns started off from humble beginnings. If you haven’t read it go and buy a copy now, it’s really interesting.

Here’s hoping that you’re finding Directors Notes as exciting as I am. I think that MarBelle’s articles look even better on the website than they did do in print. Not that I’m biased or anything, but they are really a sign of the quality and passion you can look forward to once we start recording!

Speak to y’all soon,

Miss D

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