After the epic 26 hour journey from the UK I’ve been in Montana for three days now and feel right at home in the mountains. Since I got here I have been mainlining films in order to make the judging deadline of last night and have seen six features and five shorts. It’s an exhausting and of course, fantastic job. The award winner will be announced this evening so check back later.

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of film filled days.

Soaring over the icy west and frozen lakes.

I made it to the mountains – woodland painting.

I’m staying with Mike and Lulu Steinberg. Mike is the director of the festival and I’m staying in their Glow house at the end of their garden.

My all important pass.

Sun behind the Wilma Theatre.

My annual visit to Quality supply to buy cowboy boots for my daughter.

Vivi Steinberg models a mini Stetson.

Back to the Wilma for salty popcorn…

…and the shorts programme with the Steinberg girls.

The view from the balcony.

An almost capacity crowd files in for Sweet Grass.

My fellow judge Doug Pray and the beautiful (still working) deco telephone booths at the Red Bird after a long evening’s deliberations.

The supermarket clerk who sold us beer at 1.58am and gave us his take on Sweet Grass. The whole town comes to the screenings.

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