Touching documentary, beautifully shot on a Canon 5D.

This film was made to coincide with the launch of Megaslumming, the new book by Share The World’s Resources that was launched in Kenya in January 2010. The film vividly portrays some of the realities of poverty for the residents of Kibera – Kenya’s most notorious shantytown, and focuses on Djemba the street boy who is the central character in the book.

The book Megaslumming sets out to unravel how an informal settlement such as Kibera came to exist, what economic forces shape the reality of life for slum-dwellers in Africa, and what it really means to live in extreme poverty. Written as a lucid introduction to global justice issues, the book ultimately raises serious questions about the current direction of world development.

You can find out more about the book, purchase a copy or download an abridged version here:

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