Freelance animator and illustrator Scott Benson has been somewhat prolific over the last year (you might have seen his short music video Please my Favourite don’t be Sad on Directors Notes recently), uploading numerous animations to Vimeo, all with his trademark style and eccentric imagination. I’m always jealous of illustrators and designers that create such vivid characters and worlds and Benson’s creations leap off the page, slap you in the face and demand your attention. Keep your eye on his work, as I’m sure we’ll be hearing (or should that be seeing?) a lot more from Mr Benson in the future.

You probably wouldn’t know it from looking at my work, but I suffer from something like depression. It’s moderate and manageable, but annoying. I tend to think things like this are over-diagnosed and more than a little bourgeois. However, I can’t really deny that it affects me, and that tension makes the whole situation even more irritating. I made this hoping it would be cathartic for me and maybe a bit comforting for others who might have similar issues. It certainly was the former, here’s hoping the latter works out.

Wherein mankind makes its last discovery.

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