Telephoneme is a hybrid live action/animation short looking at language carrying a hidden meaning. The film came about after the discovery on an educational film of the 60s entitled The Alphabet Conspiracy.

For many years, it has been suspected that the alphabet – or,more specifically, phonemes – contain “trigger” sounds and characters with embedded messages designed to manipulate recipient’s subconscious through patterns. This discovery was first made at the Voice Research Laboratory (VRL), an independent phonetic awareness bureau, during routine experiments on letters often considered benign: N, K, and S, for example.

VRL discovered that when combined, these and other characters produced a distinct phonetic resonance in the brain that elicited a specific, deliberate response from the recipient. For example, the phrase NEVER KILL A SNAKE WITH YOUR BARE HANDS ā€“ while seemingly innocuous and perhaps even informative in nature ā€“ contained a subcognitive phonetic stimulant designed to evoke a sense of euphoria and lethargic complacency in the recipient, making them receptive to more substantial phoneto-cerebral manipulation at a later date.

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