Forging a compelling narrative whilst still remaining true to the spirit of a track is pretty much the Holy Grail of music promos, and it doesn’t get much better – or at least as life-spanningly complete – as this epic effort from self-confessed ‘super team’ Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan (aka DANIELS – originally spotted by MarBelle last year with their light vomiting promo Pigeons).

As a car crash unfolds before our eyes, so does the life of its unfortunate victim…

5 Responses to Manchester Orchestra: Simple Math

  1. Sondhi says:

    Hey, nice to see you on DN Matt. Have you been posting a while? Nice pick btw.

  2. Cheers Sondhi (Jason?) – still early DN days, although the first of many hopefully..!

  3. Sondhi says:

    Jason indeed. Cool!

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