A quick search of the name Werner Herzog on DN and the 24 results that come up will give you some idea of how much we love and admire the work of the eccentric director. Herzog’s Rogue Film School is the director’s latest project aimed at giving back to the film community; “it is about a climate, the excitement that makes film possible. It will be about poetry, films, music, images, literature.” (www.roguefilmschool.com)

Conceived at the Rogue Film School, Eoghan Kidney presents us with the trailer for her animated film We, the Masses, I’m eager to know more.

I see We, The Masses as an exercise in adaptation; but not of a literary piece, instead it is an animated adaptation of artwork by Robyn O’Neil.

Robyn and I worked very closely together to articulate her still images in time and sound. I tried my best to translate her world and the meaning within it. The result may seem surreal at first, but is rooted in Robyn’s very real intentions and motivations in her quite brilliant images.

For more of Eoghan Kidney’s work, visit her Vimeo feed.

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