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Magic Potions Release Provocative Inhibitions in Pablo Maestres’ Sexy 60s Music Video ‘Coeur Croisé’

Pablo Maestres unleashes a colourful fusion of French New Wave & beguiling choreography in his striking 60s promo for Parisian electronic duo Polo & Pan.

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Guillermo Irriguible Crafts a Personal Tribute Encased in an Exploration of Time in Modern Society

Guillermo Irriguible intertwines the life and legacy of his grandparents, within a critical reflective metaphor on society's modern perception of time

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Animating the Beauty of Loneliness in Norte’s Innovative Iron Dust Short ‘Ferro’

Marc Teixido of Barcelona creative studio Norte explains how the team experimented with iron dust and 3D animation to craft ‘Ferro’, a short which

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