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WeAreDN // Lockdown: Cults

Film Festival, Live Action, Music

19th April, 2020

Join us for this week's WeAreDN // Lockdown shorts and five distinct portrayals of 'Cults' and their Kool-Aid drinking lunacy.

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A Y2K Doomsday Cult Get Picky About Who’ll Join Them in the Afterlife in Ben Kitnick’s Comedy ‘Exit Statement’

Live Action

13th December, 2019

Ben Kitnick reveals how improvisation was a key ingredient of his quirky comedy about a Y2K doomsday cult's mass suicide plans gone awry 'Exit Statement'.

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Zach Jones & Ben Kitnick Bear Witness to the Club Penguin Apocalypse in Gameplay Short ‘Waddle On’

Animation, Live Action

9th May, 2017

"The penguin apocalypse brings forth the dawn of man." Zach Jones & Ben Kitnick bear witness to the end times of Disney’s beloved virtual world for kids.

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