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Books Come to Life

Nothing to say except wow. Oh and if you have a few minutes spare, definitely head over to Andersen M Studio to check out their other pieces. Impressive stuff.

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DN093: Waiting for the Guards & The Stuff of Life – Marc Hawker

Given last week’s UK parliamentary vote for a 42 day detention period, I’m especially glad to have Marc Hawker of Dark Fibre Films join us this

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Art & Fashion, Podcasts

DN027: It’s Beautiful – Nicolas d’Haussy

Our guest director today Nicolas d’Haussy, is a master at keeping an eye on the minutia of a project, even when working with no budget and a volunteer

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Animation, Podcasts

DN023: Virtuosi – Marcelo Garcia

Our interview this week is with director Marcelo Garcia, who’s work has seen him warmly accepted by his peers, being able to take his pick of working

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DN011: KCRW Inner Level & Full Circle – David Vegezzi

Today we have the pleasure of talking to director David Vegezzi about his excellent KCRW spots – Inner Level & Full Circle, along with how his

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Live Action

Push – Steven Hore

Steven Hore's Push is a touching tale of a man, a woman and the birth of their adult son.

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