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Sega Bodega: hopeless!!!

Asides, Music

6th November, 2018

A risk-averse police officer abandons his duty to dive headlong into a lust fuelled night of hedonistic pleasure in Bryan M. Ferguson’s 'hopeless!!!'.

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Ladytron: The Island

Asides, Music

10th September, 2018

Bryan M. Ferguson joins forces with Ladytron for new music video 'The Island', a dystopian sci-fi trip into secret experiments & scorched earth cover-ups.

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Toxic Haircut

Asides, Live Action

28th March, 2018

Bryan M. Ferguson is back disturbing our sensibilities right to the marrow with new short 'Toxic Haircut' a freebie spruce up for your barnet best avoided!

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Bryan M. Ferguson Caters to All Your Self-Amputation Needs in Transgressive Alienation Short ‘Flamingo’

Live Action

23rd August, 2017

"The film induced panic attacks and caused some audience members to faint." Bryan M. Ferguson takes DN into the dark world of his self-amputation short.

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