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Crowns & Owls Join the Fight for Better Mental Health With Viscerally Powerful Short ‘WIT H IN’

Live Action

30th July, 2018

Crowns & Owls discuss the challenges of conveying the confusing myriad of sensations experienced by sufferers of mental health issues in short 'WIT H IN'.

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Crowns & Owls Set Out on a Beguilingly Journey of Rebirth for Hercules & Love Affair’s ‘Omnion’


26th July, 2017

DN caught up with Crowns & Owls to discuss their impressive mix of practical effects & imagination created for Hercules & Love Affair's story of rebirth.

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Rare Finds & Rivalries Abound in Crowns & Owls’ Ted Baker Fashion Short ‘Wonders Never Cease’

Art & Fashion

27th August, 2015

DN talks to directing outfit Crowns & Owls about their Ted Baker fashion film 'Wonders Never Cease' - a playful tale of professional oneupmanship set

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Crowns & Owls Tap into the Emotional Vein for Jarbird’s ‘More Bad Celebrity Poetry’


12th November, 2013

Crowns & Owls deliver a moving contemplation on grief for Jarbird’s debut track 'More Bad Celebrity Poetry'.

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