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The Shortest Nights 2019: The 7 Best Short Films

Film Festival

1st July, 2019

DN reviews the 2019 edition of ShortSightedCinema’s The Shortest Nights festival and highlights the 7 shorts which left a lasting impression on us.

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Daniel McKee Unravels the Missing Person Narrative From the Perspective of a Phone Screen in Thriller ‘if you never...

Live Action

5th March, 2019

DN speaks with Daniel McKee about how he was able to build suspense and develop a structured story from a phone in his thriller 'if you never answered x'.

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And the Shiny Awards 2019 Winners Are…

Animation, Film Festival, Live Action, Music

27th February, 2019

DN headed to the bright lights of London to see which eight new and emerging filmmakers would walk away with the coveted Shiny Awards.

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