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Live Action, Music

16th April, 2012

Following our post on The Truth about Stanley yesterday, a further exploration into the Vimeo channel of director Lucy Tcherniak revealed not only a somber

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David Lynch: Crazy Clown Time


3rd April, 2012

David Lynch injects a little bit of his individual oddness into the self-directed promo for track Crazy Clown Time

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I Touched a Red Button


22nd July, 2011

Combine David Lynch, one of recent time’s most pioneering filmmakers, with Interpol, one of the coolest bands on the planet and what the collaboration

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LYNCHthree Wants You!

Documentary, News

29th June, 2010

It’s become increasingly apparent that filmmakers need to look, not to the ever conservative and risk adverse Hollywood machine for the funding of

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Lynch ’em all

Documentary, News

8th June, 2009

Not content with being a world renowned filmmaker, photographer and painter, the legend that is David Lynch is embracing digital technology once again, by

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