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For My Mother & Columbiner Holmie

Not only do I have two new films from DN’s favourite agent provocateur Douglas Burgdorff, both of which are surprisingly ‘kinda’ safe for

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acid | megashamp

It had been a while since we last checked in on our favourite director of the inappropriate, Douglas Burgdorff. And yes, if you’re wondering, he’s

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He tracks across the beach, through forest and city, land and water alike. He will never stop, he is Hunter!

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Shot during a family holiday in Costa Rica on a Canon 7D (fitted with the standard 18-135mm kit lens) and edited to the sounds of by Michael Nyman’s Time

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DN204: Douglas Burgdorff

Douglas Burgdorff makes films you can’t watch in front of your parents or at work, but their hypnotic, messed up beauty make them the guiltiest of morish

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Art & Fashion

Douglas Burgdorff

It’s my strongly felt opinion that many directors would do well to free themselves from the confines of narrative and structure by embracing a bit of

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