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Richard Dawson: Dead Dog in an Alleyway

Animation, Asides, Music

10th January, 2020

Ewan Jones Morris presents a circuitous tour of an uncaring city in his animated visual accompaniment to Richard Dawson track 'Dead Dog in an Alleyway'.

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Ewan Jones Morris Helms ‘Carlos’ His Energetic Promo for Islet


11th October, 2013

Ewan Jones Morris puts an army of GoPro’s to good use in this energetic promo for Islet track Carlos.

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Pinkunoizu: I Chi

Animation, Music

20th April, 2013

Ewan Jones Morris animates a series of striking collages to the idiosyncratic sounds of Pinkunoizu’s I Chi.

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Scale it Back

Art & Fashion, Music

21st November, 2011

Ewan Jones Morris & Casey Raymond’s conceptual video for DJ Shadow’s Scale it Back sees its narrative created by Ben Pridmore’s

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