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Hannah Jacobs Embraces Life’s Uncertainties in Her Affirming BAFTA Nominated Animation ‘Your Mountain is Waiting’

Hannah Jacobs shares how she created the meditative yet surreal tonal amalgamation of her BAFTA-nominated short about rediscovering how to trust your gut.

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Selfridges and Sustainability

Dirs. Anna Ginsburg & Hannah Jacobs celebrate the range of sustainability initiatives Selfridges employs in this charming hand drawn, 2D animated short.

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Dodie: Secret for the Mad

Animator Hannah Jacobs takes the simple activity of kite flying and turns it into an utterly captivating music video for Dodie track 'Secret for the Mad'.

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Hannah Jacobs on Capturing the Beauty & Magic of Tom Rosenthal’s Music in Animated Promo ‘It’s OK’

We chat to Hannah Jacobs about the inspiration and production of her immersive, emotive promo for Tom Rosenthal track 'It's OK'.

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