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A VFX Extravaganza Meets a Snuff Video Party in Jason Roberts’ Duo of Music Videos


5th November, 2015

DN caught up with previous guest Jason Roberts to discover how he brought the disparate music video concepts of a VFX extravaganza and a snuff video party

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Jason Roberts Practices Progress Over Perfection for Solace and Fury’s ‘Be Brave’


27th February, 2014

Jason Roberts returns to the pages of DN after far too long an absence to share a detailed insight into his collaboration with Amber Tisue on her music

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DN173: Leader of the Pack – Jason Michael Roberts

Live Action, Podcasts

16th July, 2010

A great tagline can do wonders for piquing interest in a film whilst setting you up for what’s to come. One cash register, two robbers, and $3.50,

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Leader of the Pack

Live Action

21st May, 2010

I’ve noticed I post a lot of animation on DN, now I don’t know if that’s because I struggle to find good live action shorts, because

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